Friday, June 4, 2010

New Polls Up On The Strombo Show Chat Blog!

We have some **NEW** features up here on The Strombo Show Chat Blog!

POLLS! Voting features. Oodles of fun ;)

Please vote.. it really helps me out!

And hey.. I gave y'all a 1/2 naked pic of George as incentive/reward. Granted.. it's a really old picture.. but.. don't let me down! Go vote now.

What (old) TSS Playlists would you like to see up on the blog here?
Visit our 1st Poll here..
(I have had trouble embedding it at the moment)!

What aspect(s) of The Strombo Show Chat Blog should we keep?
Visit our 2nd Poll here..

These are the same links along the side-bar, I've put them here to announce this new feature, and also to highlight it until I can figure out why their embedded JavaScript is NOT displaying or working properly.. don't think it's me, as it worked earlier in the night...

Yours in musical awesome-ness & the lovely "Spirit of Radio",


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