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September 19, 2010: The Strombo Show Returns! Polaris Prize Finalists, Playlists & Goodies (& G12 Count Down)!

Polaris Prize
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The Strombo Show Playlist & G12 Count Down
Sept 19, 2010
[ G12 Pending Confirmation & *Mostly* Complete!
Rest of Playlist to come. ]

[ UPDATE: Sept 20, 2010; ~2:59am (posted 7:00am):

New-ish Feature: Table of Contents

G12 Count Down ~ Sept 19, 2010
Bob & G's Road Song/Mix-Tape Playlist (Full list pending!)
Ten O'Clock with Tom
Polaris Prize "Interview" w/ Steve Jordan & Top 10 Nominees/Finalists Short List Playlist (Partial details.. more to come!)
The "Big Lie-Down" (Full list pending & details to come!)

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[ UPDATE: Sept 21, 2010; 2:23am:
G12 Count Down's status is still the same.. up, with a few missing tracks.

But.. the Polaris Music Prize Playlist from Sunday night's show is up.. no interview summary or deets yet, but I wanted to get the songs up while I could still type... barely. ]


I was able to tag or note *MOST* of the tracks while listening to the show on Sunday, Sept 19, 2010.

I did listen 2x, but the chat was busy, busy in AST/EST timezones and it was a hectic night w/our first real chat back in ~2 months.. and we are still missing about 7-8 of our regulars.. but had ~7-8 people hanging out chatting about the show!

I managed to record most of the songs in the PST timezone listen.. as the chat was really quiet then. So there will be as full & a complete list as I can rustle it up.. as in.. as soon as I can get it finished in the next couple days!

G12 Count Down is up & as close to complete as I could manage. The full playlist is still to come!

All tracks played on the show are in: Blue and Bold!
So they are easy to view/find/read on the page with all the other notes. Hope that helps! Feedback welcome!

Any Errors and/or Omissions are totally my fault!
IF.. you have any corrections or info that I'm missing, please leave a comment on the blog (below), or ping me & I'll update the blog list!

Thanks. Enjoy.

[ AND.. as always.. Feedback, comments, notes, etc are ALWAYS welcome!

[ Also, I keep evolving this layout each week (but working on a template/regular format to stick with & make my life easier & to get the playlist up sooner!).. and now coding it in either Notepad, or since I'm VERY visual & really like color & tele-sense;) & didn't put Visual Studo back on my computer.. I'm using FrontPage (just for ease of use & color-coding!!!).. but a newer non-evil-ish version..
So if you have any suggestions/ideas, please let me know by commenting somewhere on the blog. ]

The G12 is.. 12-1 like it is on the show (and in the full playlist) so it in the proper order of things. So far.. no one has complained, so I'm going with it.
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G12 Count Down ~ Sept 19, 2010
[ My NOTEs in italics AND square [ ] brackets (usually) ]

[ UPDATE (Sept 20, 2010): As mentioned above confirmation of the G12 is pending!

I put a "?" question mark in front of the G12 until I confirm those tracks.

Last time we saw a G12 was the June 6th, 2010 show.. I believe.. So I put those as the "last weeks" G12 list and the prior week (May 30, 2010) as well.. since it was there and it has been THAT long! ]

[ Thanks to @wildworks, @ragzey_z, @Huskermould, @Barb_Wheeler.. and a few others I've missed b/c it's early in the AM.. (Sorry.. I'll complete the list later!) They were hanging out in the Skype chat on Sunday night at various times & helped me in catching the songs, band names & info! You guys & gals rock! ]

[ START of the G12 ]

?G12 - #12: Pulled Apart By Horses - High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive

Last week (June 6th, 2010) #12: Zeus - At The Risk Of Repeating
Prior week (May 30, 2010) #12: Kings Go Forth - I Don't Love You No More

[ What the wikipedia has to say about Pulled Apart By Horses.
First off they are an English band... Which is almost always a receipe for awesome right there..

But here is the Pulled Apart By Horses mySpace page.. so you can have a listen to some other tracks & decide for yourself! Sadly it appears they are only snippets of the songs so you don't get the full experience :( ]

?G12 - #11: M.I.A. - It Takes A Muscle

Last week (June 6th, 2010) #11: Club 8 - Western Hospitality
Prior week (May 30, 2010) #11: Voyager One – 1,000 Miles, 1,000 Deaths

[ Wow. You should have heard/see/read the total up-roar in
The Strombo Show Chat Skype "chat-room" once we all realized that we in the midst of the G12 and the jingles that intro each G12 song were missing in action!
Aside from 1 vote not liking them.. everyone else was pretty sad :(((

As well.. you can't tell what song is what.. AND it adds something so VERY unique to the show.. that NO other countdowns do!
It's one of the reasons I personally *LOVE* the show.. it's about more than music, it's snippets of culture.. (from our "vintage" if I may borrow that phrase from George)
#BringBackTheCount! I/We ♥ it! ]

?G12 - #10: Homeboy Sandman - The Carpenter*

Last week (June 6th, 2010) #10: Gabriel Mintz - Desert Sky
Prior week (May 30, 2010) #10: Ten Bears - Braces

[ * I didn't personally catch the name/track here at all.. So I'm not 100% I have the correct track. Thanks to @huskermould tho for help with this one.

And.. can't say I actually know really what AutoTune is (but that appears to be a good thing to be ignorant of from what I keep hearing..) I'm pretty sure I haven't listened to any songs made/that use it.. that I am presently aware of.. ]

?G12 - #9: G9: Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Last week (June 6th, 2010) #9: Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Prior week (May 30, 2010) #9: Band of Horses - Dilly

[ This is a new-ish "Arcade Fire" song... more deets to come..
I just can't recall anything else right now. ]

?G12 - #8: G8: Brendan Flowers - Only The Young

Last week (June 6th, 2010) #8: Drake (Feat. Lil' Wayne) - Miss Me
Prior week (May 30, 2010) #8: Broken Social Scene - Texaco Bitches

[ This is off the solo album by Brendan Flowers lead singer of The Killers. Sounds like it could be a Killer's song for sure to me!

Interesting Personal Note: The Killers were the band that helped me find "indie" music again in way..

I remember listening to the radio one fine day in the summer o'2004 as I was driving up the #2 Highway in Alberta.. heading from Edmonton to Calgary (a drive I used to make ~1x/month when I lived there).. and "Mr. Brightside" came on the radio.. and it blew my mind!

I wasn't sure what it was.. but as a dancer it spoke to me so deeply. And I also sat there convinced that it was some 80's-90's alternative band that I somehow just missed knowing about back then. I hadn't bought a CD in ages, but I promotely found the 1st record store I could (in my old stomping grounds in Calgary and picked up
HOT FUSS (Wikipedia Link)
so freaking fast your head would spin..

And years later when I moved to Vancouver & first learnt to spin fire.. it was one of their songs.. "Human" that was the first song that really allowed me to understand what I loved about fire spining so much!

I *heart* The Killers.. Human! ]

[ Still in the middle o'G12 here: ]

?G12 - #7: Kings Of Leon - Radioactive

Last week (June 6th, 2010) #7: Megafaun - Volunteers
Prior week (May 30, 2010) #7: Zeus – (The) Renegade

[ New Album.. oh the pressure as G said! ]

?G12 - #6: Tokyo Police Club - Boots Of Danger (Wait Up)

Last week (June 6th, 2010) #6: Ten Bears - Braces
Prior week (May 30, 2010) #6: Gord Downie - The Hard Canadian

[ So.. IN case you've been under a rock for ~the last month or so.. you'll have heard that the show formally know as The Hour has transformed into George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.

And yes.. George mentioned all the jokes here.

Well the obvious ones.. Haha.. GST.. HST.. etc. (Nice. More on this later..) I got the sense that he would prefer people call it GS Tonight for short. I'm torn.. it's not an hour anymore.. but it's going to take some time for this long time fan to adjust here to not calling it The Hour.

I'm personally thinking they should have gone w/Strombo Tonight (TV) to match/pair up with The Strombo Show (radio)... that would have been better branding IMHO. But then again.. no one asked me.

More details to come.. but for now..

New ways on *How to contact G*!

(Hint look for the "white".. I know.. WTF?!)

New Website..
The old Strombo Show Website re-directs to there now. With a new streamlined look.. it integrates:
1. The (old) Hour site into the new
George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight,
2. The (old) Strombo Show site into well.. still The Strombo Show
3. (along with The Hour..) I mean..,
George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight's YouTube Channel (last I checked it still said The Hour on there ;),
4. High-lites from G's Twitter feed, other Social Media links (Facebook only for now), & other goodies to come..

AND.. I have a gut instinct they are working on an iPhone/iPad/other mobile phone app? Maybe..
Now.. I don't know this for sure, BUT.. if anyone asks..
You heard/read it here FIRST!

(But I hope they keep the content on the old Strombo Show Facebook page somehow ~link to come to refresh your memories)..

Facebook: New-ish "Integrated" George Stroumboulopoulos Facebook Page

George's Twitter: @Strombo

Via the new George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight website: (not exactly sure where this is yet...)
Direct Email: George (@) strombo (.) com

Some other cool links to be aware of:
CBC Radio 2 Main Page:
CBC Radio 2 Latest Blog on New Strombo Shows/Launch ]

And more to come here as well.. or check the sidebar for related links (I'm still in the process of updating them all to reflect these new changes!)
[ Back to the G12 here: ]

?G12 - #5: Interpol - Success

Last week (June 6th, 2010) #5: Shad - Lucky 1's
Prior week (May 30, 2010) #5: LCD Soundsystem - Somebody's Calling Me

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[ Bunch of other songs here.. including:

Bob picks Road Songs.. w/George to make their Ultimate Road Mix-tape..

~Criteria.. 5 categories...

1. Songs that make you speed/(songs that keep you awake/caffeine for your ears)
2. Songs that may you sing out loud regardless of whom is in the car w/you..
3. Songs that are "arm out the window".. banging.. (not that kinda banging ;) funk-mobile style
4. Songs that make you think of your ex.. (uh oh.. this outta be interesting)
5. Songs that represent "the wild card".. and explore, or inspire you to learn on the journey o'life!

G suggested.. a #6: songs that keep you awake & Bob merged that in w/songs that make you speed...
Caffeine for your ears! ]

[ NEW Neil Youg.. (or Uncle Neil as George calls him):
Alas.. not sure if we went back to finish off the rest o'the G12 here?]

Neil Youg - Walk With Me

[ Wicked guitar feedback effect here.. OMG!
Missed a song or a few (the rest of the G12?)..
First song after Neil Young.. FireBoys? ]

?G12 - #4: < Missing / >

Last week (June 6th, 2010) #4: Woods - Blood Dries Darker
Prior week (May 30, 2010) #4: The Chemical Brothers - Swoon

[ You can have a listen for the "previous" week track here at the Your Third Dear Blog and the Woods mySpace.
NOTE: "Blood Dries Darker" was not on the mySpace playlist when I last looked (June 6th), hence the other link. ]

?G12 - #3: < Missing / >

Last week (June 6th, 2010) #3: LCD Soundsystem: Dance Yrself Clean
Prior week (May 30, 2010) #3: Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang (Feat. Q-Tip & MDNR)

[ The LCD Soundsystem mySpace. I've posted this one before, but when I last checked (June 6th) the previous G3 song is not one of the ones in the playlist there. Still looking for other links & DLs... ]

G12 - #2: < Missing / >

Last week (June 6th, 2010) #2: Earl Greyhound - Ghost And The Witness
Prior week (May 30, 2010) #2: #2: Shad - Rose Garden

[ Previous weeks info to keep you entertained until I confirm this weeks tracks:
The Earl Greyhound Website and Earl Greyhound mySpace
Ghost And The Witness was up on their mySpace when I last checked.. June 6, 2010.. if you want to have a listen again. Love that guitar.

If you sign up for their mailing list, you get a FREE song. I did it. And apparently you can also get another song if you follow them on Twitter: @earlgreyhound. Which I still have to do, I think.

And another FREE track download is available I've heard.. if you follow them on Facebook (I'll find that one later if you don't first..). ]

G12 - #1: < Missing / >

Last week (June 6th, 2010) #1: Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist Prior week (May 30, 2010) #1: The Black Keys - Everlasting Light

[ The Neon Indian Wikipedia and Neon Indian mySpace
And over at there is this "article": Neon Indian – "Sleep Paralysist". Wow. Is he cute or what!?! ]

[ END of the G12 ]

[ NOTE: That's the best I've got ATM on the missing tracks. Please comment if you have anything I missed! TIA.

I'll have a chance hopefully sometime in the next few days to have a go @ figuring out the missing tracks to get the rest of the correct info up.

Unless "The mother ship".. I mean..
The *NEW* Integrated Strombo Website has posted the full playlist, so I can confirmed what I was missing from them
(only ~3-4 songs from the G12 list actually... so not too bad, if I might say so)! ]

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[ Ten o'Clock (I mean 9:37pm) w/Tom:
Tom Waits - Tom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind In Copenhagen)
Well.. Sigh.. that was so nice.. ok.. I'm recovered from Beyonce finally now..

I'll explain later if you missed that part of the show. I *wish* I was joking here. But Beyonce WAS played on the Strombo Show. More on that later.. in the Highlights & Excerpts section to come, as I have LOTS to say on this.. lots o'interesting stuff ;)

Anyway.. back to Ten o'Clock w/Tom.
Some notes from the chat.. Someone mentioned that their MOM LOVES TOM since listening to him on the Strombo Show & had to buy two CDS for her of Tom songs! How awesome is that!? ]

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Polaris Prize "Interview" Segment:
Polaris Prize
Twitter Background Logo
[ This took us to the start of the Polaris Prize "Interview" with Polaris Founder
Steve Jordan
& some seriously wicked awesome music information..

Follow Polaris Prize on Twitter: @PolarisPrize and the #PolarisPrize HashTag for info or posts (yah, yah.. "tweets") today on events (if you're in TO there is a free fan "event".. )

Oh yah.. and of course, info about the 2010 WINNER!

I'll get this up as soon as I can.. I have ALL the tracks, etc..I'd just like to sleep now!

They were played in "Alpha Order".. so no favortism!

Here are the tracks played on the show.. all the goodies & info & deets that I recall from the intervew, etc.. later. I just wanted to get the actual "playlist" up. ]

Polaris Prize Top 10 Nominees/Finalist Short List #1:
The Besnard Lakes - Albatross

Polaris Prize Top 10 Nominees/Finalist Short List #2:
Broken Social Scene - World Sick

Polaris Prize Top 10 Nominees/Finalist Short List #3:
Caribou - Found Out

Polaris Prize Top 10 Nominees/Finalist Short List #4:
Karkwa - Marie Tu Pleures

Polaris Prize Top 10 Nominees/Finalist Short List #5:
Dan Mangan - Robots

Polaris Prize Top 10 Nominees/Finalist Short List #6:
Owen Pallett - Lewis Takes Action

Polaris Prize Top 10 Nominees/Finalist Short List #7:
Radio Radio - Dekshoo

Polaris Prize Top 10 Nominees/Finalist Short List #8:
The Sadies - The Quiet One

Polaris Prize Top 10 Nominees/Finalist Short List #9:
Shad - Yaa I Get It

Polaris Prize Top 10 Nominees/Finalist Short List #10:
Tegan And Sara - Alligator

Previous years winners:

The 2006 Polaris Music Prize Winner - Final Fantasy
The 2007 Polaris Music Prize Winner - Patrick Watson
The 2008 Polaris Music Prize Winner - Caribou
The 2009 Polaris Music Prize Winner - Fucked Up

AND... the 2010 Polaris Music Prize Winner – Karkwa

[ If you missed any of the artists in the list.. they are over at the Polaris Prize page below w/their bios, links to iTunes to buy music, & super CBC Radio 3 playlists.. so you can listen to what you want to hear before you buy! How awesome is that!

Go there.. and I won't put all the separate links since you can get it all in one fancy/awesome place!

Polaris Music Prize Short List (2010) Direct Link: ]

This was a long segment.. it went from
~9:42 Start! To..11:15-ish Finish!

So NO Album Side tonight.
And there was a Big (Massive) ~45 mins Lie-Down if it started right after the Polaris Prize Segment.. as it appears to have been the case.. those tracks later too.

Night.. Morning? Enjoy!

The End... For Now.
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Thanks for your patience as always as I get the list up! And for reading. Enjoy!

And please contribute if you have questions, comments, feedback, links, band or song info, etc.. Please comment on the blog.. it's nice to know you are out there enjoying the music, the show, the chats, and the info above as much as I am. Thanks!

Yours in musical awesome-ness,

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