Monday, November 1, 2010

Updates from the edge of reason... Wishing you all a very Happy Hallowe'een / All Souls Day!

Ahoy & Hello...

Those that have wandered this blog looking for recent playlists..
We must apologize.

We started this blog with one intention and focus, and then it evolved upon demand to another.. which became playlists since the boys over in Strombo land weren't posting them for quite some time! However, we have linked to several recent ones missing from here, that the Strombo crew has managed to get up in other locations.. and will work on filling out those gaps, as well as retro ones over the next while..

[ ~~~~
UPDATE: November 7, 2010; 11:50pm

Are you looking for the October 31st, 2010 Strombo Show playlist?!

Find it over at the George Stroumboulopoulos Facebook Page: STROMBO SHOW – HALLOWEEN EDITION: OCT 31ST, 2010!.
FYI. You may have to log in or like the page in order to view content.

And a really quick "Happy One YEAR Anniversary on CBC Radio 2" shout-out here (more to come on that) to the Strombo Show...

George, Darby, Mike, Alex, Bob, Rich, and all the guests (especially G's Mom!).. you make our Sunday nights very special!

Thank-you! And thank-you to CBC Radio 2 for taking the Strombo Show on. We ♥ you!


They have sorta been putting some stuff up over at we know.. just look for the white shirt. It still freaks us out a bit.. this picture here isn't so bad.. but the promo shots they took for the website & other advertising.. Wow. All we gotta say.. is what's with the Jersey Shore tan (and we don't even know what Jersey Shore is.. but we know that it is bad ;)

And some stuff is going up at the George Stroumboulopoulos Facebook Page!. It is hard to find things on both, as the information gets lost in the flow of information.

See below for more details and playlist links.

We last posted on September 19, 2010 as that was the return of the show for the fall season. There were all sorts of developments seeming to be happening in the web world of Strombo and we were happy to see a playlist post go up over there for the following week of Sept 26th.

The link to that post is below.. it takes some effort to find it over at their website as it is buried deep in an "on-going stream of consciousness" or whatever that means... we hunted the archives for you..
Over at September 26, 2010 playlist

They then didn't post ANY playlists or updates all of sudden, so that threw me for a loop, as we were expecting them to be handling that again. Sigh. Apparently they are finishing the Strombo Show website for the radio part for early November. We'll just reserve judgement on that, as we'll wait until we see it.

< Rant On >
At present we're not really able to access the player that they have in any web browser we've tested. Well.. it seems to work for ~5mins then cop-out. We've tried Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (which is the ONLY one we can/must use for Radio 2's player) and Apple Safari.

Can we just state again here.. FLASH SUCKS->DON'T USE IT!

Find an all platform, all browser, web friendly, smart phone adaptable solution.
Please. Thanks!
< Rant Off / >

The next playlist that was made available is posted up over at the George Stroumboulopoulos Facebook page in a note format:
Playlist for Sunday, October 24, 2010.

[ Oh.. And thanks so much for forgetting my birthday G.
You owe me a request.. or three I think. ]

And we still have requests from people to post our playlists and updates as they like the extra info, links, goodies and details. We will do my best to get those up over time. We just haven't been able to do them on a weekly basis anymore, as our schedule at present doesn't permit it.

The playlists take a great of effort, time and attention on my part and we're a bit of  perfectionists about writing, so we'd rather not do one than do a post half-assed.. although this post here is going to be a bit of that, simply due to time and the need to get something up here to address questions, etc..

We will update it a bit more soon with some more information on how the chats will be handled for November as we're going to be quite busy, and also some plans for December if we manage to email the Strombo crew and maybe get an answer back..


Thanks for your patience as always as we get the information, lists, etc.. up!
And for reading. Enjoy!

And please contribute if you have questions, comments, feedback, links, band or song info, etc.. Please comment on the blog.. it's nice to know you are out there enjoying the music, the show, the chats, and the info above as much as I am. Thanks!

Yours in musical awesome-ness,

~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective

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Yours in musical awesome-ness!

~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective