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The Strombo Show Playlist: November 8, 2009

The Strombo Show (TSS) Playlist: November 8, 2009

This is the playlist from the VERY first show when The Strombo Show moved over to CBC Radio 2 last fall (of 2009) from The Edge.
(All the in-line links are still to come)! Such a great show..

First time we heard the new Strombo Show Opening that we now all love! AND.. I don't know about the rest of you.. but it makes my heart beat just a lil bit faster in anticipation of the show to come.. ]

Skratch Bastid – 110 % Percent/Strombo Show Opening

[ NOTE: George was debating for quite a while back then about what song to open the show with.. I don't entirely recall atm all his choices (but he mentioned them on The Hour a few times).. and I think he was going back & forth between Johnny Cash, Joe Strummer, The Clash and maybe Johnny Thunders and a few others?!

Wish I could remember now.. but as you can see & hear on The Strombo Show he went with the Man in Black to start things off! ]

Johnny Cash – When the Man Comes Around

The Big Pink – Dominos
Them Crooked Vultures – New Fang
You Say Party! We Say Die - There is Xxxx (Within My Heart)
Truman Peyote – New Wife New Life
Animal Collective - My Girls
Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension
Glen Campbell - By The Time I Get To Phoenix (snippet)
Phoenix – 1901
Amy Milan – Bound
Apostle of Hustle - (Live on Strombo Show)
Joe Strummer – Johnny Appleseed
Captain Beefheart – Drop Out Boogie

[ NOTE: I *think* the first sad-off by & with Bob Mackowycz, Jr. from the CBC Radio 2 Morning Show was here.. w/"Ruby Andrews".. or maybe it was just a track he suggested playing.. I'll have to re-listen to be sure. It WAS months ago after all.. ]

Ruby Andrews – You Made a Believer Out of Me
Cosmos Jarvis – She’s Got You
Jack White – Fly Farm Blues
Son House – Death Letter
Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer
The Hold Steady – Atlantic City
Tegan & Sara - Hell
Sloan - Rest Of My Life
The Beach Boys – God Only Knows
Elvis Costello & The Attractions – (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
Michael Franti and Spearhead - Piece of Peace
The Weakerthans - Bad Time To Be Poor
K-os – I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman

[ NOTE: Ten O'Clock with Tom kicks off with what may be my personal favorite Tom Waits song.. and there are so many!
Brilliant choice for the inaugural Strombo Show. ]

Tom Waits – Train Song (Live)

A Place To Bury Strangers – Ocean
The Boxer Rebellion – Evacuate

[ NOTE: I don't quite recall right now which 3 tracks where Rich's picks... but I do know that "Ace Frehley – New York Groove" was one of them for sure.. which is also probably my fav Ace Frehley.. gosh I just wanna strut & do the "popcorn" to this song.. (if you don't know what the popcorn is.. I'll try and explain it another time ;)

Oh wait.. looking at the track listing.. I think that other two Rich tracks were:
"Eric B and Rakim–Follow The Leader" & "Bahamas-Hockey Teeth" as I remember Rich talked about the song history behind "Hockey Teeth".. such a great story. ]

Ace Frehley – New York Groove
Eric B and Rakim – Follow The Leader
Bahamas - Hockey Teeth

Luke Doucet – Cleveland

[ NOTE: I completely fell in love with the song "Sleep All Summer" upon hearing it on the show that night. It was originally done by Crooked Fingers.. but I gotta say.. I ♥ this version more!

And it reminds me of 500 Days of Summer.. a movie that George had raved about a number of times last summer on the radio & Twitter. Excellent film! I don't know about everyone else.. but I certainly like the movie recommendations & info. ]

The National & St. Vincent - Sleep All Summer

Radiohead - Reckoner (Williams S. Mix)
The Stranglers - Golden Brown

[ NOTE: The Album Side is introduced to The Strombo Show & what can we say.. it's a fantastic idea and eagerly anticipated & awaited each show to find out what (typically) Canadian (but not always) artist George is going to feature that Sunday!

First one.. Neil Young - Live Rust (Side Four). ]

Neil Young - Like A Hurricane (Live Rust)
Neil Young - Hey Hey My My (Live Rust)
Neil Young - Tonight’s The Night (Live Rust)

[ NOTE: Other song that I totally fell in love with that night was "Illinois-Missing Piece". Another completely pretty, pretty song..
It's high on my #inSONGnia list and also has some smoking piano!
#fallInLoveAndBreakYourHeart_AndFallOutOfLove_AndThenFallInLoveAgainMusic... LOL. ]

Illinois - Missing Piece
The Decemberists - After The Bombs
Division Day – More Than This

[ NOTE: The big lie-down for the night.. I think it started here.. but I can tell you.. 2 of the very best songs to fall asleep to out there that you can find.

Bat For Lashes' version of "Use Somebody" in my opinion so completely outstrips the original by Kings of Leon, I often have to remind myself that it is their song.. as Natasha Khan sings this song like it was made for her!

And what can I say about the very last song of the first new Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2.. except I *LOVE* Spiritualized and thank you so very much George for playing them that night, and for bringing back the "Spirit of Radio".

There is now hope.
(Kinda Stars Wars-ish.. I know.. but it fits.) ]

Bat For Lashes - Use Somebody
Spiritualized – Shine A Light

[ NOTE: I'm sure there was a Strombo Show Chat that night.. I think I have notes from one.. & I seem to recall a chocolate chip cookie or muffin recipe?

I will find those later & post them as I go back through the archives & get this information up!

If you have any show playlists, notes from chat archives, or other information to share about certain shows, links, band or song details, track download sites, articles, websites, etc.. please feel free to share them in the comments section, or contact me & I can find a way or a place to add them to the blog! ]

Yours in musical awesome-ness
& the lovely inspiration of the "Spirit of Radio"...

NOTE: Back-dated to November 9, 2009 (after the November 8, 2009 show)... but write-up done in the wee hours of April 22, 2010!

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