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March 14, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist (& G12 Count Down) [Repeated April 25, 2010]

The Strombo Show Playlist, March 14, 2010

From the website:
[ My NOTEs in italics ]

G12 Count Down & the Full Playlist integrated/together:
March 14, 2010

[ I may extract the G12 Count Down out later like some of the other playlist formats (blog make-work clean-up project ;), but for now they are just together in show play sequence.

Also NOTE: This show was repeated/re-played on April 25, 2010 as George was out-of-town & couldn't do a new show.
See the April 25, 2010 chat posting here for more info on that night..

This was also originally the St. Patrick's Day edition of The Strombo Show when it aired on March 14, 2010.. so there are some "Celtic" gems & requests in the mix. ]

[ The show kicked off with the 1st song in the count down.
NOTE: Cypress Hill was also recently on The Hour.. more to come on that.. ]

[ Start of the G12 Count Down. ]

G12 - #12: Cypress Hill – Rise Up
G12 - #11: Janelle Monae – Tightrope
G12 - #10: Major Lazer – Good Enough
G12 - #9: Shout Out Loud – Fall Hard
G12 - #8: BBS (Broken Social Scene) – World Sick

[ A FREE download of Broken Social Scene - World Sick is also available at ]

Rich Terfry Segment:
Laid Back – Whitehorse
Leona Anderson – Yo Ho The Crow
The Mahones – The Queen & Tequila

[ Request by/for The Mahones I believe... ]
Dropkick Murphys – I’m Shipping Up To Boston

Bahamas – Your Old I'm Bored

[ Fan Request... (forget for who now..) Awesome, awesome song! ]
Serena Ryder – The Motorcycle Song

G12 - #7: Darwin Deez – I Need A Dollar
G12 - #6: Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar

Guns N Roses – It’s So Easy
Jason Collett – Love is a Dirty Word

Bob's Sad-Off:
[ So much to write here about this.. what an amazing sad-off.. "Sinead O'Connor - Troy" is the hurricane, the volcano.. VS.
as Bob put it.. the Haiku.. the tiny perfect little love song.. with "The Beatles – For No One".

It's no contest in my mind, but who are you voting for? I may have polls on here in the future.. there have been questions about that.

Also, see the April 25, 2010 chat posting here for more info on that night.. ]

Sinead O'Connor – Troy
The Beatles – For No One

G12 - #5: Hawksley Workman – (The Happiest Day I Know is a) Tokyo Bicycle

Ten O'Clock with Tom (Request From The Popes):
Tom Waits – What's He Building

Apostle of Hustle – Baby Your In Luck
Deep Dark United – I Saved a Junkie Once
Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It

Tool – Prison Sex

G12 - #4: Gorillaz – Stylo

Justice – Waters Of Nazereth

[ Wow.. hard hearing again after what happened with this band..
More links & info to come on that.. as it happened after the original airing (March 14, 2010) of this show. ]

YSPWSD – Monster

[ Oh boy.. The Cure & The Clash.. back-to-back.
THIS is why we listen to The Strombo Show! ]

The Cure – Three Imaginary Boys
The Clash – Janie Jones

Mickey Dread – Break Down The Walls

G12 - #3: Zeus – How Does It Feel
G12 - #2: Foals – Spanish Sahara
G12 - #1: BRMC (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) – Conscience Killer

[ End of the G12 Count Down ]

Qotsa – Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Album Side: K'naan - Dusty Foot Philosopher

K'naan – I Was Stabbed By Satan
K'naan – Oh My God!
K'naan – Smile
K'naan – If Rap Gets Jealous
K'naan – The Dusty Foot Philosopher
K'naan – Strugglin

[ The big lie-down intro/background song... played in full finally.
By request... ]

Pink Floyd – Fearless

Spiritualized – Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
Sparklehorse – June Bug
Timber Timbre – Demon Host

[ Full "extended" version I think.. played out.. all 9mins ++ or something of it.. ? ]
Jimmy Eat World - Goodbye Sky Harbour

[ More details, show tidbits, links, etc to come... ]

[ NOTE: I hadn't re-started the new Strombo Show Chat yet, so there wasn't any kind of real chat session that night.. (but I may have notes from some other stuff.. )

I will find those later & post them as I go back (slowly ;) through the archives & get this information up!

If you have any show playlists, notes from chat archives, or other information to share about certain shows, links, band or song details, track download sites, articles, websites, etc.. please feel free to share them in the comments section, or contact me & I can find a way or a place to add them to the blog! ]

Yours in musical awesome-ness
& the lovely inspiration of the "Spirit of Radio"...

~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective

NOTE: Back-dated to March 15, 2010, 2009 (after the March 14, 2010 show)... but write-up done in the wee hours of May 03, 2010!

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