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June 20, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist - Top Front People Part 2 (NOTE: No G12 Count Down again this week!)

The Strombo Show Playlist (no G12 Count Down this week):
June 20, 2010

[ UPDATE: June 20, 2010; 2:14am:

Managed to get most/*ALL* of the playlist from June 20th up.. I will flesh things out a bit later more w/additional links, commentary & pics, etc..

It was very distracting listening to the show again in PST & typing, as I wanted to just rock out!

New-ish Feature: Table of Contents

~ The (full) Strombo Show Playlist [ Should be "Complete", but not "Confirmed" (NO G12 this week) ]: June 20, 2010

~ Bob's Top Front-person Picks
~ Lana Gay's Top Front-person Picks (Lana from CBC Radio 3 - No Rich Terfry this week)
~ Into the Album Side: Nine Inch Nails (NIN) - Pretty Hate Machine

~ End of Post
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[ UPDATE: June 20, 2010; 7:31pm:
Working on getting some links & more details up, as well as finishing off last weeks playlist so Parts 1 & 2 are both complete!

But.. if you are at all curious.. I have a whole bunch of links & info below on Lana Gay. Our guest girl DJ!

AND.. while you're here visiting & reading the playlist, etc.. go VOTE in our polls here first (and then come back): Polls on Strombo Show Chat Blog.

Yes.. that means you.. it won't take more than a minute or two (if the flipping things are working correctly :).

Help be a part of the direction & future of The Strombo Show Chat/Fan Blog.. and please comment on that posting if I missed anything in the polls, if you have any questions, or if you have any suggestions for any other future polls.

Thanks muchly! ]

I was able to tag or note pretty much *ALL* of the tracks while listening to the show on Sunday, June 20th.

The show was a little bit different again this week, as it was
Part II of the Frontmen/women/people (since we have to include a few super awesome trans-gendered folk in there for sure!)

And also.. keep in mind.. there was NO G12 Count Down again this night! Word is it "may" return next week.. but it was a wee bit unclear. I'll see if I can get a sneak peek for us.. ;)

So, as I mentioned..the show on Sunday, June 20, 2010 was Part II (2) in look at the "Frontman in Rock and Roll"...

The Hour had a bit back when they were visiting Vancouver where they returned "The Newstand" (which I personally think is awesome) to the show, and George chatted with Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace about "Q magazine's recently released list of the Top 20 Frontman in Rock and Roll."

[ Sorted quoted from: and here's.. The Hour: "The Newstand" Video! ]

Q mag had: "Liam Gallagher was number one (travesty), Muse Matt Bellamy was 6 (better than Chuck D?, come on). This list caused much discussion at the Strombo Show. So we had this grand plan to do a definitive list, but instead found this impossible."

They decided to try and break the music & frontmen (and women/people/transgendered/etc) down by decades. I.e. ".. when we say Frontman we mean Front-Person."

And they split it into 2 different shows.. last week Sunday, June 13th, 2010 (they did the 60's & 70's mostly), and this Sunday, June 20th, they took it into the 80's (deeply), the 90's, and the 2000's/present. (Looks like G didn't do anything for "Father's Day")..

Instead of Rich Terfry stopping by.. we had.. < gasp /> a girl...
Lana Gay from CBC Radio 3 stopped by to pick some awesome songs..

Now Lana is out here on the west coast where I am.. I haven't met her (yet)... but feel free to say hi Lana.. your picks kicked ass!

[ I now have posted some links as well to Lana & how to reach her.. as on Sunday night/Monday morning... I just really wanted to get the playlist up & didn't have the time to hunt about.

Now there isn't much over at Wikipedia on Lana, but I scrounged around and found some cool stuff about her in case you are either a CBC Radio 3, music, west coast, or all of the above n00bie... You can find Ms. Lana over in Twitter-Land here: @LanaGay! I found some interesting new folk to follow from her fans & friends list!

Lana can be found on-air over at CBC Radio 3 and her profile info is here: CBC Radio 3 Member Page: Lana Gay. She has some great playlists up there as well... I really like CBC Radio 3 web layout and format.. hint, hint... CBC Radio 2?!

And there is a great article over at Shameless Magazine (for girls who get it): Lana Gay: CBC Radio 3 Host, On-Air and Awesome and over at Vancouver IS Awesome... has a nice little write-up as well... and a link to Lana Gay's CBC Radio 3 Playlist(s) ]

As for the rest of the updates... stay tuned...

I may still do a "Highlights & Excerpts section" later since both Bob & Lana.. and wow.. Darby Wheeler got all super chatty (lol.. Clayton Darrell Darby Wheeler.. hee hee! Not sure if that is 1 "L" or 2..) and George spent quite a bit of time talking about the various songs and their "front-person songs/bands" being chosen/played, etc.

[ Return to the Table of Contents. ]

All tracks played on the show are in: Blue and Bold!
So they are easy to view/find/read on the page with all the other notes. Hope that helps! Feedback welcome!

Any Errors and/or Omissions are totally my fault!
IF.. you have any corrections or info that I'm missing, please comment or ping me & I'll update the blog list!

AND.. as always.. Feedback, comments, notes, etc are ALWAYS welcome!

*** And please note.. there are often updates posted over at
The Strombo Show Website but George, Darby and few other of his producers/writer types are off on a road-trip.. so.. so far.. they haven't posted any updates etc, while they have been on the road... since like last week!

They are now in LA.. massively insane amount of hours/KMs driven.. so they may update something, or not.. since they are on vacation after all. Hey George.. you guys could just give me the passwords & FTP access to your site(s) & maybe pay me.. and I could do it ;). Haha... ***

I "may" share some tidbits from George's road-trip later if I find time to put together another post this week.. but you can always check out his Twitter (see the sidebar here for a block w/his Twitter updates) & TweetPhotos, etc.. as I would just steal stuff (with credit of course) from there anyway.

[ I keep evolving this layout each week (but creating a template/regular format to stick with & make my life easier & to get the playlist up sooner is hard when George keeps changing the freaking show format on me!).. But I'm now hand-coding it (in either Notepad, or since I'm VERY visual & really like color-coding & didn't put Visual Studio back on my computer.. ;) I'm using FrontPage.. but a newer non-evil-ish version.. in the nerds in the crowd want to know.

Of course, as I mentioned above, this week is unique in that there isn't a G12, but w/Bob from CBC Radio 2 Morning.. and Lana Gay from CBC Radio 3 (this week) stopping by to pick some tracks.. so I listed those along with everything else here!

So if you have any suggestions/ideas, please let me know by commenting here, or somewhere on the blog. ]

[ Return to the Table of Contents. ]

The Strombo Show Playlist [ Mostly Complete - but Unconfirmed (NO G12 this week) ]: June 20, 2010

[ BTW. My comments are in [ "Italics" ]. In case it isn't obvious. ]

[ We've opened up with the following songs... lots more to comment on later! ]

U2 - Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?

Joy Division - She's Lost Control

The Police - Born In The 50s

The Cure - Lullaby
[ Might be the extended mix? ]

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Kiss Them For Me

Pretenders - Boots Of Chinese Plastic

R.E.M. - Finest Worksong

[ And those tracks should take us to Bob's picks of the night. ]

[ Return to the Table of Contents. ]

[ Bob Top Front-person Picks. ]

[ So not only will you see that they played a number of fantastic songs, but there was some really great stories from Bob & G.
I'll get into them even more in a later update, as I only have so much time right now... and can't remember them all. Just focusing on getting the playlist up!

But seriously.. you really just need to hear the show to truly appreciate it anyway! ]

[ SO.. REALLY hoping to see this show up on The Strombo Show Website some day soon! Boys?! I can't wait to re-listen, as I really want to hear the chats again!

And this is heading into my top 10 Strombo Shows.. I may have to go back and re-listen to the ones up there & also consider the missing ones.. and put together My Top 10 Strombo Shows Blog Posting?! Hmm... Or maybe an M-7.. or D12? Ok.. that's bad. But it's late.
I'll come up with something funnier later. ]

Bob's Top Front-person Picks - #1: The Who - Love Reign O'vr Me
Bob's Top Front-person Picks - #2: The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

[ "I never don't want to hear this song." I can't agree more.. except with the grammar.. and you had to be there to know what we're talking about. ]

Bob's Top Front-person Picks - #3: Public Enemy - Bring The Noise

[ That's it for Bob's pick.. back to the regular scheduled chaos of Darbs/Wheels/Darby and the G-man (I know.. I know.. I shouldn't. But they make me laugh SO freaking hard... I HAVE to make fun of them ;) ]

[ Return to the Table of Contents. ]

Metallica - Master of Puppets

[ Must admit.. this next section of songs, including the above, had me coming out of my skin... the Metallica one was played recently on the show already.. but fasten your seatbelt.. as the Power Hour starts here! ]

Iron Maiden - Aces High

[ BTW... this was a request for Scott (and someone I forgot now from some metal show.. or something.. sorry that's so vague.. I didn't write it down). I was just so distracted by the awesome-ness of this show! If anyone recalls.. let me know. Thanks muchly kids. ]

White Zombie - Thunderkiss 65

[ This particular White Zombie song was also played recently on the show. ]

Guns N 'Roses - Nighttrain (Appetite For Destruction)

Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box

Faith No More - Epic

Temple of the Dog - Hunger Strike

Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song

The Smashing Pumpkins - Drown ({rotten Apples})

Pixies - Wave of Mutilation

[ Life *IS* always better when the Pixies are played on The Strombo Show. I think I'm showing both my age & my biases here.. ]

Beastie Boys - Gratitude

Nofx - Linoleum

Hole - Rock Star

Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians - What I Am (Acoustic version)

[ What an oddly strange, but quite workable transition here.. I've always loved Edie Brickell, but I've never heard this version of this song. ]

Blur - ParkLife (Starring Phil Daniels)

[ What I love the most about this song .. is that they keep their accents while singing. I remember (years ago!) at Expo 86 (since it comes up later in conversation.. lol) seeing some Australian band play there and loving their Aussie accents, but being amazed that they lost them while singing... (what can I say.. I was like 13.. give me a break!) ]

Radiohead - Paranoid Android

[ And what is so funny about this song.. is I went to go make a late dinner.. not far.. just to the kitchen.. but I came back AND thought I had missed a song while prepping my food.. but.. oh.. no! Nevermind... It's *STILL* Radiohead. ]

~ So... NO Rich Terfry this week. Damn.

[ Return to the Table of Contents. ]

[ BUT.. guess what kids.. we have a special treat this week..
A GIRL! Yes.. a real live girl/woman comes on the Strombo Show
so much for the boys club.. or maybe I've been making fun of them too much & they decided to go hunt down some female DJ/musical talent. To that end.. We have the lovely Lana Gay (from CBC Radio 3) stopping by tonight pick a few frontpeople type songs.

Her criteria was a bit different.. I hope I get this straight:
1. They had to be alive still (no dead people or seniors for some reason.. I forget why..)
2. They had to be someone she had seen play live
3. Oh wait.. #2 was #3, so.. #2 had something to do with the seniors.. well.. you get the picture.
Someone correct me if they remember what her "rules" were exactly. Thanks! ]

[ Lana Gay's Top Frontperson Picks. ]

Lana Gay's (from CBC Radio 3) Picks #1: Fucked Up - Son The Father

[ We don't bleep or edit here... cover your kids eyes if they are reading this blog with you.. ]

Lana Gay's (from CBC Radio 3) Picks #2: The White Stripes - Little Acorns

[ I'm with ya Lana.. I *heart* the opening to this song. It gives me hope too... and just the thoughts that go along with the song title.. "little acorns"... awww... ]

Lana Gay's (from CBC Radio 3) Picks #3: Gossip - Yr Mangled Heart

[ Also very much agree with this front-women pick. We need more women that just kick ass. Not b/c they look hot or can wear a tiny tight skirt/outfit/chain mail bikini/whatever on stage!

I do have to say.. I have listened to Lana on Radio 3 the odd time, but not a ton, as I can't always stream online at the time of day.. if I'm out and about, or in a meeting, and sometimes I just plain forgot to put Radio 3 on then since if I'm working.. I am easily distracted by good music!!

But I do have to mention here.. George's voice (& his response) when Lana says "50 is senior".. OMG.. SO funny!!! SO FUNNY.
And I'm now super curious how old Lana is then.. as I took her for our "generation".. meaning around the same age-ish as.. me (G, Darby, Bob, Rich, etc..) or at least in the ballpark with us.. ]

Lana Gay's (from CBC Radio 3) Picks #4: The King Khan & BBQ Show - Invisible Girl

[ Well. The vote in the chat was "We like Lana". And no Smallville reference is required here.. but you can add one in your head if it helps. I certainly enjoyed her picks & banter.. but she's a west coast girl.. out here with me in Vancouver.. WHAT is not to like I say!?!

She can come back to visit Le Strombo Show anytime.. and keep these boys in line! And I promise to stop over at Radio 3 in the afternoon to listen to your show more regularly Lana.. or at least toss a promotion nugget out here on the blog and on Twitter once I'm less sleep deprived and can update this here posting with links, etc. Tues/Wed for sure. ]

[ Return to the Table of Contents. ]

[ Back to our favorite boyz.. George and Darby to take us off into the night.. with a few more kickin' songs.. and then a sweet album side.. If you like the heavier/harder side of life.. I mean music! Well.. aren't they the same thing. Think of it as music to have sex too.. oh wait.. nevermind.. TMI. ]

Tool - Eulogy

Skinny Puppy - Dig It

[ There are a couple versions/edits are possible of this song!? Not entirely sure which one they played.. maybe the "Short Edit" off "The Singles Collect" album or the "Twelve Inch Anthology".. (produced by Nettwork Productions Ltd - yep.. I believe that is Sarah Mac's label). I'm going with the latter on a whim here.. ]

Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod

[ I remember the last time George played this Ministry song on the radio.. it was last summer, just after Martin Streek passed away.

I'm sure G was thinking of him while playing it/taping the show..
I know it's the first thing that crossed my mind when I heard it come over the airwaves.. R.I.P. Martin.

If you are not familiar with Martin.. here is some info Wikipedia: Martin Streek and we are still thinking of you as the DJ the big radio show in the sky! ]

[ Return to the Table of Contents. ]

Into the Album Side: Nine Inch Nails (NIN) - Pretty Hate Machine

[ Side 1. (I believe was played..) ]

Album Side # 1: Nine Inch Nails (NIN) - Head Like A Hole
Album Side # 2: Nine Inch Nails (NIN) - Terrible Lie
Album Side # 3: Nine Inch Nails (NIN) - Down In It
Album Side # 4: Nine Inch Nails (NIN) - Sanctified
Album Side # 5: Nine Inch Nails (NIN) - Something I Can Never Have

[ Sigh... I ♥ NIN.. and I think.. it may be be a tie between "Sanctified" and "Something I Can Never Have" for my favorite song(s) by them. I know it wasn't for me.. but thanks anyway guys. ]

[ The end.. of the "Album Side" & the end of the show!

But.. I did hear one more song.. playing the show out I believe... and G & Darby had a bit of chatting at the end here.. which was kinda funny.. but you needed last week's show (and maybe some other things) to form a point of reference to what they were talking about. Let's just say that they were being geeky.. nerdy (which incidentally is also kinda hot.. ) music boys & just leave it at that ;) ]

Nine Inch Nails (NIN) - La Mer (Left)

[ This last track wasn't on the album side, but from "The Fragile" album I'm pretty sure. But don't quote me until I google it or something first. ]

[ NO "Big Lie-Down" this week! ]

[ NOTE: That's the best I've got ATM. Please comment if you have anything I missed! TIA. ]

[ The End. ]
[ Return to the Table of Contents. ]

Thanks for your patience as always as I get the list up! And for reading. Enjoy!

Please contribute if you have questions, comments, feedback, links, band or song info, etc..

And.. Please comment on the blog.. it's nice to know you are out there enjoying the music, the show, the chats, and the info above as much as I am. Thanks!

Yours in musical awesome-ness,

~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective

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