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June 27, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist - Special Repeat Inteview/Take-Over Show (*NO* G12 Count Down)

The Strombo Show Playlist (no G12 Count Down this week):
June 27, 2010

[ UPDATE: June 29, 2010; 1:57am:

Managed to get some of the playlist from June 27th up..  will flesh things out a bit later more w/additional links, commentary & pics, etc..

But we wanted to at least get something up here & a quick "place-holder post (with some deets) while working on getting the full playlist up! ]

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~ The Strombo Show Playlist [ "inComplete", & "unConfirmed" (NO G12 again this week) ]: June 27, 2010

~ Ten O'Clock with Tom
~ The "Big Lie-Down"

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We were able to tag or note pretty much *ALL* of the tracks while listening to the show on Sunday, June 27th.. yes.. a geeky 2x. There are perks to PST ;)

The show was a little bit different again this week, as it was a re-hash/re-mix of two interviews/show take-overs that George had "bands" do in the past ~2 months.

We had Gord Downie return to the show, as well as the illustrious Band of Horses (wow.. the chat was crazy that night I tell you)!

The Gord Downie interview segment originally aired on May 23rd.. and as you *may* note.. that is one of the rare missing playlists that we haven't put up yet.

Reason being.. that was the week that George and The Hour were out here in Vancouver, and so.. we were a bit (ok MEGA) distracted and all and didn't have any time to do it. We hope/guess we'll get that segment down at least this time for this playlist and we'll back-track later & finish up the May 23rd one sometime soon(-ish).

The other interview that was featured on Sunday, June 27.. on our "end of season" and highlights show we guess you could call it.. was Band of Horses.

Now Band of Horses stopped by back on May 16, 2010... which wasn't ALL that long ago, but it was an enjoyable 'lil' interview/chat. AND.. good news, that playlist is up over here at: May 16, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist (& G12 Count Down), so since we'll be stealing from ourselves to port it on over here.. hence, what we tried to get up first was some of the other tracks played this past Sunday.. since you can go look there for their segment. Sound like a plan?

And also.. keep in mind.. there was NO G12 Count Down again this night!

We had sorta thought we heard (we being us & the Strombo Show Chat Crew) that it was going to return this week.. but instead it appears that this show may have been the last of the few blood for a while.

We know.. we know.. we're in new music withdrawal too.. guess we have to find some time to #tapAvein & go read some new music blogs.. we'll see what we can post here if we are into repeats, as we might be able to get some old... OLD.. playlists up.. *gasp* and well.. go to the beach on Sunday afternoons instead of hosting the chat! Novel idea.. huh! (Thanks George.. that's really sweet of you to think of that... haha.)

We're still going to see if we can get some sneak peeks or hints for us.. but we have to find some time to email the boys.. and then.. they actually have to email us back.. oh wait.. sorry.. we're laughing.. LAUGHING as that is not likely.. Darby, George.. bucky.. how about it eh? ;)

So, as we mentioned..the show on Sunday, June 27, 2010 was a montage of interviews, some new stuff, but also.. NO Bob or Rich... But we did see a bell chime at the Ten o'Clock Hour with Mr. Tom Waits.. and a few tracks that used to be in the G12 were floating around in the playlist.

[ As for the rest of the updates... stay tuned...

We may still do a "Highlights & Excerpts section" but will see how it goes w/all the repeat-ish stuff in here. ]

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All tracks played on the show are in: Blue and Bold!
So they are easy to view/find/read on the page with all the other notes. Hope that helps! Feedback welcome!

Any Errors and/or Omissions are totally our fault!
IF.. you have any corrections or info that we're missing, please comment or ping me & we'll update the blog list!

AND.. as always.. Feedback, comments, notes, etc are ALWAYS welcome!


*** And please note.. while there has been a few mini-updates posted over at The Strombo Show Website.... but George is now down in LA (or as we call it Lala-land) on vacation and apparently working on some other "projects".

Darby the main producer/God (or at least we think he is.. the main producer of the Strombo Show.. not God.. yeesh.) for the Strombo Show is also off & away for the summer, so we're guessing it's unlikely that they'll get much in the way of updates etc, while the boyz are on "summer break"!

And it doesn't look like they took us up on our offer to update if for them if they like maybe gave us the passwords & FTP access to the site(s) & oh PAY us.. LOL.
Ha.. ya right eh?!

Hmmmm.. here's a theory.. it could be why those shows aren't up on the website.. as we'll be hearing them again. Crossing our fingers that they do get up after a round two showing tho, as there are a few shows in our lovin' it list.

If we get around to it and have some time we may also get some other goodies up here other than playlists for y'all.. but you have to be really nice to us and like feed us cookies and things if you want that ;)

So.. we "may" share some tidbits from George's road-trip later if we find time to put together another post in the next few weeks.. but you can always check out his Twitter (see the sidebar here for a block w/his Twitter updates) & TweetPhotos, etc.. as we would just steal stuff (with credit of course) from there anyway.

[ We keep evolving this layout each week (but creating a template/regular format to stick with & make our lives easier & to get the playlist up sooner is hard when George keeps changing the freaking show format on us!).. 

Of course, as mentioned above, this week is unique in that there isn't a G12, and no Bob OR Rich from CBC Radio 2!

If you have any suggestions/ideas, please let us know by commenting here, or somewhere on the blog. ]

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The Strombo Show Playlist [ Mostly "inComplete", & "unConfirmed" (NO G12 again this week) ]: June 27, 2010

[ BTW. ChatShowCollective comments are in [ "Italics" ]. In case it isn't obvious. ]

[ We've opened up with the following songs... lots more to comment on later! ]

Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon

The Libertines - What Became of the Likely Lads (Album Version)

Love Is Not A Contest - Sebastien Grainger

The Mynabirds - Numbers Don't Lie

David Bowie - Uncle Arthur
[ Might be the (The Original Stereo Album Mix)? ]

LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrslef Clean

[ Former G12-er here (and the next one too).. and one of our personal favorites.. dance, dance.. damn long song too!
Search for LCD Soundsystem in the blog, there are links & precious things somewhere in here... ]

Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist

[ And We *almost* thought we missed this song.. or one song in here.. but we think since we remembered the "Don't Sleep" part of the song.. that we didn't. We hope. Also search the blog for it.. as we know we put some links up last time when it was in the G12. ]

TV On The Radio - Playhouses

[ Album is Return to Cookie Mountain! Is is odd that we want to bake cookies, right now.. at ~2am. Hmmm... ]

The Cure - Pictures of You

[ Might we say.. we were in SUCH HEAVEN getting to hear this song on the radio.. Oh my. OH MY! The 2nd time 'round was just as good too ;) Thank you.. thank-you.. THANK-YOU... G! ♥♥♥! ]

Otis Redding - I've Got Dreams To Remember

[ And here.. these 2 songs in a row.. so why we freaking ♥HEART♥ the Strombo Show.. The Cure into Otis Redding! Hot damn. We got so distracted just listening.. here.. we completely forgot to note down the songs.. so we think it went straight into the Gord Downie tune & interview segment after this.. ]

Gord Downie - The East Wind

[ And those tracks should take us into Gord Downie interview/takeover... which we will not have up right now.
Sorry. But soon!

Links about Gord.. and tracks played to come.. ]

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~ Ten O'Clock with Tom: Tom Waits - All The World Is Green

Let's Wrestle - I Want To Be In Husker Du

Husker Du - Turn On The News

The Hold Steady - The Sweet Part of the City

[ **Missed one here? The Coppertone - we think that was the song missed.. ]

Howlin' Wolf - How Many More Years?

Jack White - Fly Farm Blues

[ Bit of a gap here and missing songs in the list.. BUT we will get them up in a bit.. just need to do some editing.. but it was an interesting segment! ]
[ We then drove head first into the Band of Horse interview and songs.. which you can go see here for the full listing: May 16, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist (& G12 Count Down). We listed just the first couple of songs for the moment until I can port it all over here nice & neat. ]
Band of Horses - The Funeral

Band of Horses - Laredo

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[ And of course about here we hit the end of the night with a very short & sweet sorta, kinda "Big Lie-Down", but no Album Side. Background Music is "Pink Floyd" of course.. but not one that is usually played.. a different one.. ]
Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 1)

[ But the "Big Lie-Down" starts here.. ]
Pink Floyd - Pigs On The Wing

[ We think this was Part 2?/Side 2?. We'll check later.. it's late.. well actually early.. And we *may* have missed a song or two in here.. We're not really sure... Something animals? ]

Sparklehorse - Sunshine

[ And we may have missed another song here.. at the end. But I think "Crystalised" was the last one of the night. ]

The xx - Crystalised

[ NOTE: That's the best we've got ATM. Please comment if you have anything we've missed! TIA. ]

[ The End. ]
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Thanks for your patience as always as we get the list up! And for reading. Enjoy!

Please contribute if you have questions, comments, feedback, links, band or song info, etc..

And.. Please comment on the blog.. it's nice to know you are out there enjoying the music, the show, the chats, and the info above as much as I am. Thanks!

Yours in musical awesome-ness,
~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective
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  1. Hey! Thanks for the (partial) list, I've been looking for the playlist everywhere...

    I was briefly listening to the Strombo Show on the 27th, and caught George interviewing some musician and playing a few songs. I really want to know the name of the artist. All I remember hearing during is that the artist likes 'Ethiopique'jazz music or something like that before they requested some song with "crab apple" in it.

    I hope this is the least bit familiar, any help would be great!


As it turns out, I can't turn off the "Anonymous Users" part of the commenting form w/out also losing other formating I like, so I'll have to live with it. However, I do hope that those that comment here will make an effort to at least use a name of some sort. Or if you have a blog or website you can include it under the "Name/URL" option.

I do welcome all comments regardless and while you are not obliged to leave anything more than the comment, this blog is about engaging and sharing so I hope you will do the same.

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