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March 28, 2010 ~ Discussion Topics for The Strombo Show Chat(s)


The goal (for me anyway) is to post some discussion topics.. a few weeks in advance, or so..

Obviously as we get set up still, I'm working on a few hours notice. It can't be helped. I'm currently doing this on my own time.. in my (limited) spare time.

We'll see how having a list or something in advance goes, so we have something to refer to regarding bands or music, etc to talk about.

Ideas are welcome here (post in comments section if you have any), and we can try doing band or song reviews, our own versions of the G12 (George's top 12 songs of the week), or easier.. The Furious Five (I liked that better anyway), the songs from the vault of Forgotten Songs (or whatever this is called!) and even borrow ones from Bob like the Hidden Gems (since I'm sure he played one I posted on my blog here), or anything new we can come up.

Possible Discussion Topics for The Strombo Show Chat
Sunday, March 28, 2010:

Music/Strombo Show Related:
~ Depending on the timezone you are joining in from.. what songs are you listening to tonight, what moves you, what do you love/hate, flashbacks, future, requests.. etc..
~ Thoughts on the past 3-4 shows, songs, bands, etc
~ Thoughts on the G12-List (George's topic 12 songs of the week list).. do you like the concept, do you like the songs he's played, which ones, why/why not, etc
~ Thoughts on the Furious Five.. did you like/dislike that format, prefer it to or over the G12-List?
~ Thoughts on the album side played
~ Thoughts on Bob & Rich's segments on the show
~ Thoughts on Scott on the show
~ Thoughts on the Facebook group (located here ) discussion threads.
NOTE: The playlists for the old shows are also posted up here. (up until ~March 14, 2010)
~ Thoughts on the updated website:
~ Voting for the last week/current weeks Sad-off?
~ Others...

George/The Hour Related:
~ Musical guests from The Hour this past week (see The Stroumboulopouli blog for details, or The Hour's website.
~ Other segments from The Hour, guests, skits, Mile a Minute, It Takes a Nation to Raise Your Kids, etc
~ Others...

George/Other Projects Related:
~ Love, Hate & Propaganda Documentary Series
~ Score - The Hockey Musical
(WHAT?! REALLY?! Was what I said when I read this on Twitter I think it was.. I recall George having a convo on the show w/Bob talking about musicals and how he hated them. Ok, maybe hate is a strong word.. but did not like. I can't wait to see how this turns out!
~ Via Barb (a long time fan): mentioned The Tracy Fragments to me the other day
- Not sure what it is, but I've kinda heard of it. George is in it. I wonder if my video store has it?
~ Also via Barb: Hard Core Logo 2 is filming on The Hour (I have no idea what this is?!)
More to come on it. George mentioned it on The Hour on last Thursday's show.
~ Others...

I think that's lots.. we can re-use a lot of those of the coming months as they are "generic". If there are any specific ideas you may have, please post them on the comments section & I'll integrate them in.

Hopefully something can be setup or arranged regarding future coordination with George and/or his producers Darby (& Mike, etc) and the newly UPDATED (so excited) and super sleek, svelte and sexy

And I'm hoping we can get some show related topics set up in advance, sort of like The Stroumboulopouli Blog sometimes gets the guest lists for The Hour to promote it.

I'd like to ideally have a few weeks or ~1 month of topics up & ready so others can take the lead in the chat, or do research on bands, topics, etc.

Yours in musical awesome-ness,
All across this glorious nation!
(Thanks again George. I have that in my head ALL the time now ;)

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