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Strombo Show Chat Summary ~ March 28, 2010

Info/links/etc.. from the March 28, 2010 StromboShowChat:

This was too long today to put into a comment & it doesn't take HTML tags.. so putting it as a post.

I may need to start up a separate blog for this.. it's taking over my own :(

(Done.. here it is.. still cleaning up posts as I port them over & catch up on other chat summaries.)

Thanks to the following folks for stopping by at various times throughout the night:
@Barbara_Wheel, @huskermould, @Mariposaland, @kelgura, Josie (from the US of A! - didn't get a Twitter handle), @wildworks
(hope I got everyone, I was a bit tired at the end typing this all up).

It was a quieter night.. I think a lot of people were watching the Don Cherry movie?!

Plus, a few regulars were away w/other commitments, courses, work, etc and some of the PST regulars have schedule changes that can’t have them up late, so we are working on coordinating a future EST only “meetup” chat soon for everyone to show up & listen & chat in that timezone.. mostly anyway.

@oldschoolgirl, @mellowlee, @emgrant, @newmodernist, @ragzey_z, @spydrgyrl, @coldcanuck, @DaleMac12, @mishelleorama & others such as Jen from FB, etc.. We missed you!

Reminder: Next week/Sunday, April 4, 2010 is Easter.
We will be around.. starting in AST again (hopefully on time :).

Sorry.. I was a wee bit late w/the Sunday groc shopping adventures...


~ George singing along w/songs.. votes were that we ALL like that!
Keep singing G. SUPER cute ;)
~ Sweet Thing – everyone loved the song.. I think the vote is to hear the "explicit" version.. I guess that means it needs to be in the top 3-ish?! D/L info in the links below.
~ The Brian Wilson/rap/mash-up/thingy was collectively hated/loathed/off-putting.. I think the general consensus summary was "It sucked. Bad!"
~ Everyone was also wondering when the heck you were answering your phone so we can call for requests. Someone out in TO area tried the 416 # during the show & the v.m. was full. OR that was some GOOD EDITING...(Mike?)..
~ The new Blitzen Trapper track - Heaven And Earth was very well rec'd.. free D/L info in the links below.
~ BEST BIT: The Bob & G segment! We all LOL’d. It was so funny, I personally listened 2x (& heard the Fri morning w/Bob segment too)
I’m with G, I LOVE spring.. however.. clearly you’re doing foreplay wrong if it’s not fun.. so clearly.. someone needs lessons... ;)
~ George mentioned the updated website:

We all love it & love having the show up streaming, but people are having loads of problems with Flash, crashing browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE.. pretty much ALL of them), crashing computers/systems, not very compatible (nor long-term realistic design) & you can't play it on your iPhone/iTouch, etc as Flash is not supported. Or fast-forward through the show. Boo.

Notes/Discussion Topics/Polls/Observations:

~ Interesting point.. most people preferred The (former) Furious Five format over the G12 Countdown.
G12 is ok.. as long as it doesn't turn into the G20, or anything crazy like that.
Main reason for liking the F(f)5 more: "That G doesn't seem to go as much into telling about the songs like he did with F5. We listen to learn a more about the songs, bands, etc from him."
~ Ten o'clock with Tom was like 9:45pm with Tom.. a bit early.. but ok?! And great song choice, and also umm.. timely, fitting, suitable.. appropriate? "Time" by Tom Waits.
~ The new MGMT stuff.. not liking it. Ugh.
~ We all do however.. love the "spirit of radio"! And get the reasons behind no podcasts.. but if people can listen & stream.. then why listen "live" on radio.. unless it is really LIVE?!
~ Even for the non-hip-hop folk.. the unedited (mostly) version of Straight Outta Compton – N.W.A. was VERY well rec’d. Bring it. Unedited. ALL the way!
~ We decided that G’s mom should do a food/cooking show.. don’t ask me to explain it. You had to be there. And we want your Baba’s perogie recipe (perogi, perogie, pierogi, perogy, pirohi, piroghi, pirogi, pirogen, pierogy, pirohy, pyrohy). Holy crap are there A LOT of ways to spell this one wee lil word. Ok. Maybe just I want the recipe, but I’m sure someone else said they wanted it too.
~ Chat about various segments from The Hour, skits, Mile a Minute, It Takes a Nation to Raise Your Kids, etc?: Seems that the vote is.. Skits=suck (mostly), Mile a Minute=awesome, Jerry D=boo/boring, It Takes a Nation to Raise Your Kids=awesome, really, really awesome -> Keep doing it!

Links/(other topics that came up):

Green Earth Organics
(locations in Vancouver, Toronto & Simcoe-Muskoka):
Green Earth Organics
One of the fans in the chat gave us his blog:
Wildworks Blog (he does a radio show in Ottawa.. check it out)
Sweet Thing - Dance Mother (D/L explicit version):
Sweet Thing - Dance Mother ~ Download Website

Blitzen Trapper:

Blitzen Trapper Main Website

Blitzen Trapper ~ Download - Heaven And Earth
located at: Sound Cloud.

It was suggested by a fan in the chat that we check out the
< i(heart)music > Blog: i(heart)music
Someone said that World Sick was available for free D/L:
Broken Social Scene
(I couldn’t find where that is exactly, it kept re-directing me to the main pg & that’s just an embedded Flash player w/the song.
Ugh. No joy here. Anyone?)

That crazy German-ish folk metal/pagan/medieval band that Rich talked about: Korpiklaani - Wooden Pints [YouTube video link] (let’s all yoik & drink... umm.. sure... ?!)
Personally, they kinda reminded me of Boiled in Lead (love, Love, LOVE these guys... check them out!):
Boiled in Lead (Wiki) and Boiled in Lead (mySpace)
(the current song listing in the player doesn’t really do them justice IMHO.. you so need to hear their version of Rasputin! Kick ass.)
One of the show/chat fans has a Last FM site setup where they & like 20+ other people (wow, lots!) "tag" any songs that have been played on The Strombo Show (how cool is that I say?!):
The Strombo Show ~ Last FM – Fan site
Yeesshh.. we always seem to end up talking about food (or sex, or both. Somehow avoided sex mostly tonight..) at some point & some TO restaurant recommendations came up (I SO need to come visit Toronto!): The Reservoir Lounge (Swing Jazz and Jump Blues Bar):
The Reservoir Lounge Website
And “high-end” suggestion was Canoe: Canoe
(not sure I can eat here as a veggie on the quick menu scan, but they must be able to make me something.. that or go for dessert!)
People were curious as heck about Rich’s Twitter postings, etc..
I personally have given my parental advisory/NSFW (Not Safe For Work) warning.
He SO needs to tag them as such. Just saying.:
Rich’s Twitter ~ as bucksixtyfive and
Rich’s Twitter ~ as CBCR2Drive show on CBC Radio 2
Of course.. mention of The Hour came up.. and watching videos & the shows on there (especially our US chat visitor & those w/out TV's watch it online):
The Hour’s Website ~ on CBC
Coconut water/coconut milk also came up (a few ppl heard G on Bob’s Fri morning segment) and it turns out a # of us also drink it:
Coconut Water (Wiki)
And almond milk (yum):
Almond Milk (Wiki)
Recipes to come?! Maybe...

So there you have it...

Not only do you get fun music, chats, band suggestions/info, links, etc... you get recipes, cooking/food advice/restaurant recommendations & loads of other crazy stuff in the StromboShowChat(s)!

Hope to see some new (& old) additional faces out next week!
Happy Easter if we miss you (and you celebrate that kind of thing)!

And George, since you have your hockey tournament, it's inspired me to finish an "educational" article I've been working on about "first aid/fitness recovery" for the "weekend warrior".
This article is based on my Massage/Athletic/Sports Therapy (Athletic taping)/Kinesiology/Pilates instructor training & background. Stay tuned!

Yours in musical awesome-ness,

~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective

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