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The Strombo Show Chat Room Rules of Engagement/Guidelines (Extracted post/info)

The Strombo Show Chat Room (on Skype)
Rules of Engagement/Guidelines:

Actually.. they are more like guidelines.. Yes.. Pirate rules DO apply ;) Arrrggghhhh! (Sorry.. I have a warped sense oh humor.. I might be the only one who finds that funny.. oh well.)

1. Be respectful.
This means NO trolling, drama, slagging, slamming, bitch fights, etc, etc... by whatever name you call it. It won't be tolerated here.
I hope.. in an ideal world that everyone is here to listen to the show, support George, learn about music, possibly each other, maybe connect in a unique way with others over our radios, the music and the experiences we can bring to this..

At least.. I think I have "interpreted" George's "vision" of the Strombo Show somewhat accurately here. (If he doesn't agree or doesn't like it, he knows how/where to find me.)

2. I'm going to state again.. that the rules of Fight Club..
I mean... The Strombo Show, means no fighting.

You'll get banned. It's simple. I'll consider the various ways to handle this via moderation/hosting. Typically I do 3 strikes you're out, but there are exceptions to this rule if someone is really stirring trouble up, trolling or doesn't get it. Let's hope it isn't necessary.

3. Keep things.. ummm.. Topics.. on topic!
We may share some personal information, etc... we may get on tangents about how hot George is.. it is inevitable.. I know! };> Or what an idiot he made of himself figure skating (that WAS funny).. or speculation of what he does at 3am when he says he isn't sleeping.. etc... I'm sure we can all agree that it's a 2 or 5 mins thing or less, and then we can bring it gently back on track and on topic after some banter.

I do think there needs to be a limit to this sort of chatter on the chat session. That was probably my biggest personal complaint (and many others I spoke with) about past chats is that things often wandered deeply into tangents unrelated to anything about the show, George, the music, etc... and to newcomers & even the old guard, this is intimidating (as the chat show regulars all know each other) and some cases it's so off-topic or personal that it's boring and irrelevant and no one wants to participate in that type of environment.

4. Well.. on that final note.
Be welcoming. Be inclusive. Be tolerant. Be helpful. Be honest. Be supportive. Share your knowledge. Don't be condescending.
Be thoughtful. Be engaging. Be courteous. Add value.
Create experience. Fulfill dreams. Bring people closer. Reach out. Expand your mind. Be Insightful. Share. Be. Be real!

There are and will be fans old & new here. Everyone comes from a different level of experience in relation to the show, music, George, etc, and we must respectful and understand that. I hope we can be supportive of this process.

Those are the only rules I'm going to setup for now.
Oh yah... Stop by.. HAVE FUN!

If we require any others for this chat, they may evolve a bit more organically.

Full original post (with other info) is here: New (Unofficial) Strombo Show Chat on Skype!

Yours in musical awesome-ness,
All across this glorious nation!
(Thanks again George. I have that in my head ALL the time now ;)

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