Monday, March 22, 2010

Strombo Show Chat Summary ~ March 21, 2010 (incomplete)

Info/links/etc.. from the March 21, 2010 Strombo Show Chat:

Chat summary coming.. new blog setup underway here as you can see.. but I'll get it up soon!

First chat session of the new setup. I decided after the fact.. (on March 28) to do a chat summary for each show & setup this blog , so I'm getting caught up... slowly.. on the backlog.

Thanks to the following folks for stopping by at various times throughout the night and supporting the Strombo Show Chat in it's next incarnation:
~ @ragzey_z, @spydrgyrl, @Barbara_Wheel, @Mariposaland, @oldschoolgirl

If I've missed ppl here, or have wrong info up.. not intentional & it'll be fixed soon.. as this is a down & dirty post to get a "place-holder" up until I finish the full chat summary.

People we missed that night.. Hope to see you out next Sunday or in the future!
~ From the "old guard/chat show regulars: @mellowlee, @emgrant, @kelgura
~ And the new folk: @coldcanuck, @DaleMac12, @mishelleorama, @JosieGorgie & others such as Jen from FB, etc.. We missed ya!

Thanks for your patience all.

Yours in musical awesome-ness,

~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective

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Best regards,
Yours in musical awesome-ness!

~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective