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April 11, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist (& G12 Count Down)

Since I mentioned prior that people were having problems viewing things on the updated Strombo.com website ... since it is in Flash...

I'll be putting up the last couple playlists (& G12 Count Down lists) on here. If it seem like a popular thing to have up here too, I'll keep it up.

I also have playlists dating back into last year, etc and possibly older, so over time I will hunt those down, chat with some of the long time listeners of the show & get their lists and put those older ones up here for people to go back through the various playlists for the show!

From the Strombo.com website:
[ My NOTEs in italics ]

G12 Count Down: April 11, 2010

#1: Gorillaz – Stylo
#2: Hot Chip – One Life Stand
#3: Caribou – Odessa
#4: Milks & Rectangles – Wink & A Gun (The Jurys Hung)
#5: The Morning Benders – Promises

[ The Morning Benders made a: video for "Promises"
~ Can I express here JUST how much I ♥ Stereogum's website! ]

#6: The Black Keys – Next Girl
#7: She & Him – In The Sun
#8: Gil Scot Heron – New York Is Killing Me (Remix Feat. NAS)
#9: NAS & Damian Marley – As We Enter
#10: Roky Erickson – Goodbye Sweet Dreams
#11: Band Of Horses – Laredo
#12: Stars – Fixed

Here is the full playlist

The Strombo Show (Full Playlist): April 11, 2010

[ The show kicked off with the 1st song in the count down.
As it often does... ]

[ Start of the G12 Count Down. ]

G12 - #12: Stars -– Fixed ***
G12 - #11: Band Of Horses -– Laredo

Band Of Horses – "Laredo" Free Download at Stereogum.com:
http://stereogum.com/339742/band-of-horses-laredo/mp3s ]

G12 - #10: Roky Erickson -– Goodbye Sweet Dreams

U2 -– Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
The Smiths –- Girlfriend In A Coma
Palace Music -– Cat's Blues
Johnny Cash -– I See A Darkness
A Fine Frenzy -– Blow Away

[ NOTE: The "Comeback Debate" with & by Bob Mackowycz from CBC Radio 2 Morning... featuring Betty White (Bowie for Betty) against the whole 80's decade with Joy Division representing! ]

David Bowie -– Golden Years
Joy Division -– Transmission

A Place To Bury Strangers -– In Your Heart

G12 - #9: NAS & Damian Marley -– As We Enter
G12 - #8: Gil Scot Heron -– New York Is Killing Me (Remix Feat. NAS)
G12 - #7: She & Him -– In The Sun

Kasabian -– Shoot The Runner
Ben Harper -– Ground On Down

[ NOTE: George called his Mom for a request. It was so freaking sweet, let me tell you.. I wanna meet that women, she sounds awesome and her pick.. one of the best.. Marty Robbins -– El Paso!
I actually have my Mom's copy of the LP of this.. so good! ]

Marty Robbins -– El Paso

The Tragically Hip -– Coffee Girl ***
Coppertone -– Night Time Wishes ***
Mississipi Fred -– Going Down To The River

G12 - #6: The Black Keys -– Next Girl
G12 - #5: The Morning Benders -– Promises
G12 - #4: Milks & Rectangles –- Wink & A Gun (The Jurys Hung) ***
G12 - #3: Caribou -– Odessa

[ NOTE: Ten O'clock with Tom Waits: A short one.
Blink & you'll miss it. ]

Tom Waits -– Bend Down The Branches

[ NOTE: The next 3 songs are Rich Terfry's picks of the week.. well.. actually his wife Emily's. Damn she has good taste. ]

France Gall -– Pense A Moi (Just Think Of Me)
Dolly Parton –- Im Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can)
Darkest Hour -– Sound The Surrender

Bad Brains -– Re-Ignition
Frank Black -– Headache

G12 - #2: Hot Chip -– One Life Stand
G12 - #1: Gorillaz –- Stylo

[ End of the G12 Count Down ]

Unknow Artist - Doing It Right
2Pac - Brenda's Got A Baby
Public Enemy -– Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
The Big Pink -– Frisk
Beastie Boys -– Gratitude
Crystal Castles Vs. Health -– Crime Wave *** (Ville Valo of H.I.M. Request)

[ NOTE: For some reason.. when I "Shazam'd" (I'll explain later if you don't know what that is..) this track..
It says the title is:
Arabs With Knives & West Germany Skies (4:37am).
Slight difference. I haven't gone wandering to search it out. But just thought I'd mention, since I noticed it. ]

Roger Waters -– 4:33am (Arabs With Knives & West Germany Skies)

[ I'm not 100% sure where the "Big Lie-Down" started but.. from "Jim Reeves –- He'll Have To Go" to "Prince –- Sometimes It Snows In April" ending the show.. it doesn't get a lot more awesome than that! ]

Dan Auerbach -– Going Home
Jim Reeves –- He'll Have To Go
Bill Callahan –- The Breeze (My Baby Cries)
Kath Bloom -– A Homeless Dream
Prince –- Sometimes It Snows In April

[ NOTE: I don't know what the *** means yet.. but I'm making an educated guess based on having done some radio in the past myself that *** = CanCon (Canadian Content)?! ]

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