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Strombo Show Chat Summary ~ April 18, 2010 (incomplete)

Info/links/etc.. from the April 18, 2010 Strombo Show Chat:

Chat summary coming.. whew.. long day.. long night.. too many hours in a Skype chat session for this girl! My brain hurts.. I'm crawling into bed to listen to Nightstream.. to wake up to Bob & do the summaries catch-up another day (oohhh that rhymes.. sorta?! Blurrghhh.)

Busy night in the chat..

Thanks to the following folks for stopping by at various times throughout the night:
~ @Barbara_Wheel, @oldschoolgirl, @JosieGorgie (our token American ;), @ragzey_z, @huskermould, @mishelleorama (for her very FIRST Strombo show listen EVER.. and she hung out in the chat with us!), @wildworks, @Mariposaland, @kelgura [and of course (now former) StromboShowChat Collective team members, but we're on as the host/chat moderator under StromboShowChat on Skype].

If I've missed anyone here, or have wrong info up.. not intentional & it'll be fixed soon.. (as this is a down & dirty post to get a "place-holder" up until I finish the full chat summary). And please let me know if I missed anything. Comments & feedback are ALWAYS welcome!

People we missed that night.. Hope to see you out next Sunday, or in the future..
~ @mellowlee (but I know she works early, early), @emgrant (sometimes working so can't chat), @spydrgyrl (busy, busy.. family commitments!), @coldcanuck, @DaleMac12, & others such as Jen from FB, etc.. We missed ya!

Chat Summary
(VERY incomplete)

I do have this info to share.. before I fall down..

Album side tonight was The Clash’s Live At Shea Stadium.

Borrowed from:
The Strombo Show's Facebook Group Page
(note, you may need to log in to access this link):

~ "Bootlegged and sought after by collectors, the Clash's Oct. 13, 1982, performance at New York' Shea Stadium was found when Joe Strummer was moving."

And some of my personal fav/highlights from the night..
George's Mom.. OMG. I love her. Can she be MY mom too?!
She could be the nation's Mom.. She is so freaking adorable..
I ♥ ♥ ♥ her and everyone else did too! And her musical taste..
I swear.. my parents & George's must have listened to the same music! I remember hearing Glen Campbell's-Rhinestone Cowboys growing up on a ranch in MB as a young girl...
(oh yah.. I was a cowgirl ;)

And Rich's tracks..fantastically brilliant #iWantToBeEvil-Eartha Kitt (#iWannaDoBurlesque to this song! Spectacular. Spectacular!) & Seven Nation Army Vs. Bring The Noise (mashup)-White Enemy! Dancing around the living room..

I'm still laughing at some of the commentary on tonights show..
Bob & Doug.. I mean Bob & George ;)

Other highlights:
"Rancid-Corazon De Oro" can we say.. #girlWithAheartOfGold...
George FINALLY playing a request for @Mariposaland, a long-time fan of the show.. (and participant/contributor to many of the various iterations of the Strombo Show Chat sessions over the years..)

He played a Danny Michel track for her & I'm sorry to say Mari.. at this time of the night.. the name of it escapes me. But our newest listener & chat participant @mishelleorama loved it so much she ran off and downloaded it and probably still has it on repeat...

Thanks for your patience all.
I AM working on getting caught up.. I was silly & started DRAFT posts of ALL the Strombo Show playlists I have going back to ~May last year.. 2009.. so that kept me away from updating the chat summaries.. loads of cool info to come tho!


Yours in musical awesome-ness,

~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective

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~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective