Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Strombo.com website updates/Flash/playlists...

Info on Strombo.com website updates/Flash/playlists..

A lot of people have mentioned to me directly or indirectly.. in the chat (or on Twitter or Facebook, etc) about having trouble viewing things on the updated Strombo.com website ... since it is in Flash...

It seems that the only browser(s) that works really well is Internet Explorer (I.E.) 7.0+-ish or better and Apple Safari 4.0+-ish (which is in a word.. ironic ;)!

Except for the March 14, 2010 show which numerous people have reported crashing. I've had this particular show crash every browser I've tried so far (at various times in the the playback, but usually w/in the first 4-15mins), but it seems that the other shows do run in Internet Explorer (I.E.) 7.0+-ish and Apple Safari 4.0+-ish.

I've tested it in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.. mostly the current versions of each as I tend to keep my browsers very up-to-date with the website development/design & testing work I've done in the past (even tho I dis-like some of the new "features" of things in I.E. 8.0, etc).

If you've any success or problems with the website or listening to the feed, feel free to post it here in the comments & I'll see if I can pass it on some how.. (or I think they may just be reading it here.. just maybe... ) As well, if you are on Facebook there is the Facebook Strombo Fan Page [in-line link pending, but it's elsewhere here] and there are some posts on the Discussion Board on this topic.

George announced on this just past show on April 11, 2010 is that there is a non-Flash version of the website under development (and there is a note up on the website that the server is being upgraded as well..) which means that everyone will hopefully be able to view the website & listen properly soon... as the evil Flash will go away and those who want to view it on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPods & even iPads.. (haha... I still have trouble writing/saying that name.. lol).. will be able to do so since we all know Flash isn't supported on those devices..

(It's kinda like the Olympics not being on TV George.. ;)

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