Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcome to the Strombo Show Chat Blog..

Hey there..

Welcome to the Strombo Show Chat Blog!

[ NOTE: Picture is from George receiving his Doctorate of Laws from the University of Calgary.. I think it was ~2007 (but don't quote me on that). I'll find out & confirm. Not sure who to do photo credit to? If you know, let me know! Thanks. ]

I created this blog.. actually about a week or so ago to support the Strombo Show Chat that is running on Skype now as StromboShowChat (see "former" posts for information, or if you need technical help getting setup, please contact me). I'm just getting the blog up & running finally now as I've been busy.

It's an "unofficial" chat (and blog) at the moment. Not sure if "we'll" (I'll) ever get any official recognition at any point, but I am chatting with "the powers that be" (when I have time to email them again that is..) and that takes time.

I've "ported" posts that I originally put up on my own blog: ... but the Strombo Show Chat information was sorta taking it over & I have other plans for it well outside of and beyond the Strombo Show Chat stuff! I'll leave them duplicated there probably until the month end (April 2010, likely end of May now to handle the transition/setup) to make sure I have them successfully moved over with all information, and then I'll probably delete them from there.

If anyone has any questions/concerns/etc.. please feel free to post or comment on here.. or drop me a note some other way. The side panel has some info, or visit my other blog if you can't find it right now I'm working on a few things like a Contact Info/About Me pg & a Chat Rules/Info pg, How-To-Sign Up (see blog post here), several FAQs, etc.

I am seeing about setting up a Strombo Show Chat email as well.. but I don't want to step on George's toes in anyway doing any of this stuff.. so I'll waiting for some response before I do anything more "official" like that.

Please join the chat session on Sunday nights..

Join up & join in on your time zone, or whenever you listen.

Interesting enough though.. most people are streaming the show online at CBC Radio 2 website: and the earlier timezone(s).. 8pm AST/7pm EST/4 pm PST are the MOST popular at the moment, with most people out East tuning in & then signing off by ~8-8:30pm PST.. which is.. late-ish.. out East.

I'm currently planned to be around for the whole time frame across all time zones (4pm PST/8pm AST to midnight PST) since I'm out here in the West in Vancouver/PST (it depends how sunny it gets out here.. I may need to find a really nice patio in the West End with good/unlimited wifi ;)!

Maybe in the future I'll sort out confirming some other moderators to help out.. but I listen 2x myself. First time in AST during the craziness of the chat.. and then the 2nd time (as long as the show is good, which is usually is..) in PST as it's quiet in the chat & I can catch up on things I missed and sit back, enjoy.. update this blog hopefully and occasionally a few people drop into the chat on CST/MST, or a the few of the "old guard/regulars" in PST stumble in...

So.. Please participate. Please engage.
Please offer feedback/insight/help/etc.

Yours in musical awesome-ness,



  1. I have a discussion question: If you got to ask George one question, what would it be?

    interested in going to the show tomorrow. email:


  2. Thanks Rae,

    Almost couldn't find your comment.. I thought it'd be over on the contest blog posting.



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I do welcome all comments regardless and while you are not obliged to leave anything more than the comment, this blog is about engaging and sharing so I hope you will do the same.

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