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May 16, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist (& G12 Count Down)

The Strombo Show Playlist [ Still to come! ]
and G12 Count Down [ Mostly complete, missing a few.. Help?! ]: May 16, 2010

[ UPDATE: May 18, 2010; 3:04am:
~ (Highlights & Excerpts) section is up!
Whoa.. and Whew. That was A LOT of work re-doing that whole section of code I lost. Figured it was kinda, sorta my fault. It was a setting on the blog regarding how the HTML is rendered.. but I'm so sure I would've had it "show the HTML literally" as I prefer pure code ALL the way!

I may working on putting a ToC (Table of Contents) in as well at the top of these posts.. eventually w/the in-page links.. since these posts get so flipping long.

Enjoy! ]

[ UPDATE: May 17, 2010; 3:31pm:
~ Added some links for the bands, mySpace for Plants & Animals, Guilty About Girls -> SO GOOD!!! Mega old school.. loving ANGL as well.. I wanna go dancing to these guys!

Honestly.. I had to STOP listening to them when cleaning this post up, as I was getting totally distracted wanting to dance around & spin poi. Now.. that is s a good thing.. except when ya have work to do!!!

Other minor stuff:
~ Corrected spelling of Damian Marley in the G12 (oops.. my bad, late night typing mistakes!)
~ Haha.. George needs to speak clearer.. I heard the album for The Lights as Failed Grades, but it's Failed Graves.. lol.. corrected.

~ And completely stressed out as I had The Strombo Show Playlist: May 16, 2010 (Highlights & Excerpts) section completely done in HTML hidden comment code & IT IS NOT THERE. WTF?! I'm kinda cranky about this development.. If it's b/c I published this post & lost ALL of that work.. oh.. BlogSpot.. you are in serious, serious trouble!

So.. it'll be a bit before I can get the rest of that work up again.. Sigh. Patience. Yah.. that's it.. ]

I was able to tag or note *MOST* of the tracks while listening to the show on Sunday, May 16th. Only listened one time (less than nerdy..I know ;) as I was watching the #Habs hockey game earlier.
(Sigh. We Believe. ONLY Game 1!)

Also.. since I was hosting the chat session as well, and it was busier in the PST timezone since almost everyone stopped by later.. I may have missed a few as I do get distracted at times. But as I said above, there will be as full/complete list as soon as I can get it up!

Starting in the last post (and I'll back-track in time to the older posts over time), all tracks played on the show are in:
Blue and Bold!
So they are easy to view/find/read on the page with all the other notes. Hope that helps! Feedback welcome!

Any Errors and/or Omissions are totally my fault!
IF.. you have any corrections or info that I'm missing, please comment or ping me & I'll update the blog list!
Thanks. Enjoy.

Feedback, comments, notes, etc are ALWAYS welcome!

And please note.. the G12 Count Down is usually posted up on
The Strombo Show Website
about mid-week-ish!

However, George & a few of his producers types are out in Vancouver this week doing The Hour, so I'm hoping they can still get it up.. and this show's streaming "web-cast" would be awesome too (hint, hint).. as I know A LOT of people missed the show this Sunday, with having to pick btwn music & the Habs playing hockey (and hockey won most of the time).

Plus.. there were A LOT of Band of Horses fans out there chopping at the bit (pun intended ;) over the interview & takeover segments..

I'm going to try and put last weeks (May 09, 2010) G12 in-line at the song's last position on the chart (in a different color, per a suggestion from Sarah [@oldschoolgirl] a long time Strombo Show Chat participant & big fan of the show!) for comparison.. and see how that goes..

I may not get it in right away tho.. need to figure out the color palette options that'll work.. so for now.. same color.. hope it doesn't hurt your heads too much!

I keep evolving this layout each week (hopefully get a regular format to stick to soon!).. so if you have any suggestions/ideas, please let me know.


G12 Count Down ~ May 16, 2010
[ My NOTEs in italics ]

G12 - #1: M.I.A. - Born Free
Last week #1: Dead Weather - Gasoline

G12 - #2: Darwin Deez - D.N.A.
Last week #2: M.I.A. - Born Free

G12 - #3: Gord Downie - The East Wind
Last week #3: Band of Horses - Laredo

[ Looks like Band of Horses got bumped out the G12 Count Down entirely this week, but they are here.. (details will be below later) doing a Strombo Show Take-over, so we get hear a few of their tracks. ]

G12 - #4: Shad - Yaa I Get It
Last week #4: Wolf Parade - Ghost Pressure

G12 - #5: Guilty About Girls - Candy Candy
[ Yes, right track! And...
Guilty About Girls mySpace Page:
More links to come for these guys SOON! ]

Last week #5: Darwin Deez - D.N.A.

G12 - #6: Balkan Beat Box - War Again
Last week #6: Crystal Castles - Celestica

G12 - #7: Fang Island - Life Coach
Last week #7: Shad - Yaa I Get It

[ Updated! Correct now. I hope.
Thanks to @kelgura on Twitter for identifying "Fang Island - Life Coach" as the G-7 for me. I had it noted down (along w/the tracks before and after it), but not as having it as part of the G12 for some reason. < ::shakes head:: /> ]

G12 - #8: Nas & Damian Marley - Land of Promise (featuring Dennis Brown)
Last week #8: Gord Downie - The East Wind

G12 - #9: The Black Keys - Tighten Up
Last week #9: The Flatliners - Carry The Banner

[ Background Music: Link Wray & His Ray Men - Rumble ]

[ NOTE: BTW... George, Darby.. if you're listening/reading.. thanks from The Strombo Show Chat Fan Crew for keeping #10 countdown track intro w/The Count! We SO ♥ it.

Collect your hugs & kisses (with strawberries & chocolate & real whipped cream };) ANYtime! I'll be at the show Wed night in Van to deliver in person if need be.. haha. ]

G12 - #10: The Hold Steady - The Sweet Part of the City
Last week #10: Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed

G12 - #11: Plants & Animals - Tom Cruz
[ What? My brain is SO fried today (with the being out #dancingTilDawn thing on Sunday night/morning and all).. or was that the name of the album..

Ok. It's the right song it seems, but I listened & I totally don't recall it.. I'm considering it unconfirmed until I see the G12 list up on
The Strombo Show Website. So there.

Plants & Animals mySpace Page: ]

Last week #11: LCD Soundsystem - All I Want

G12 - #12:
[ Yes it was The Lights he said.. But I still don't know what the track was? "New New" sounds familiar/right-ish.. but I don't know for sure.

(Album was Failed Graves not Failed Grades tho.. I might be able to blame it on my hearing, but not likely.. as we all know G mumbles & talks really fast sometimes.. ok.. ALL the time ;)

The Lights mySpace Page: ]

Last week #12: The Hold Steady - The Sweet Part of the City

[ NOTE: That's the best I've got atm on the missing tracks. Please comment if you have anything I missed! TIA.

I'll have a chance hopefully later tonight sometime to have a listen to the missing tracks to get the rest of the correct info up. ]


See above in UPDATE section. More sighing.. I'll get it up when I can.. since it seems I'll be re-doing a WHOLE bunch of work.. in order to get I should also have up tomorrow.. The Strombo Show Playlist: May 16, 2010 (Highlights & Excerpts) section up!

Actually I ALMOST have it done, but too tired to edit properly atm.

Ok.. the (Highlights & Excerpts) sections is done! Still working on the fully "embedded" playlist.. but hopefully tomorrow? That or it'll be like Friday/Sat-ish since I'm going to The Hour on Wed night here & I'm chilling Thursday night! Ta da.

The Strombo Show Playlist: May 16, 2010 (Highlights & Excerpts)

~ I'm still working on the rest of the FULL playlist/"Embedded" layout like I did it up last week up. But I really liked this section for more of the comments, etc. So I kept it.

Think it will be on-going.. (nice way to do the list up in 3 different "posts"/updates as well..)
1. Get the G12 up likely Sunday night/Monday morning.
2. Update with: The Strombo Show Playlist: (Highlights & Excerpts) section.
3. Update with: The Strombo Show Playlist Complete w/G12 "Embedded"
Hope you like this format too..

We had the following tidbits from Sunday..

~ NO Bob Mackowycz's this past Sunday. :(
[ We had no Bob segment on the show this week. I heard via the grapevine that Bob actually wasn't on CBC Radio 2 Morning all last week either, so that probably explains it.. as that meant he wouldn't have been around to record his segment with George. I only usually manage to catch Bob on Radio 2 on Friday morning's, but missed last Friday for some reason.. so I didn't know he was going to be away, or what the reason is.. ]

~ Band of Horses Takeover:
[ As mentioned in the: Sneak Peek.. May 16, 2010 - Band of Horses Takeover.. post: Band of Horses do a "takeover" off the Strombo Show.

BTW... there are 2 "posts" up on
The Strombo Show Website
and also over at CBC Radio 2 Strombo Program Section: Your Strombo Take Over Playlist? (by Li Robbins)

Great, great interview segments & chat.. just like a couple of friends hanging out! We really enjoyed it the Strombo Show Fan Chat on Skype. Granted.. there are some serious hard-core Band of Horses fans in our regular chat crew.. But it was a really great takeover.. more like those are our vote!

George started off playing a few tracks from the band to get us in the mood...

Band of Horses - The Funeral
Band of Horses - Laredo

[ Then there was an interview section and then the band takeover/requests began. Whomever was talking/making this request mentioned "Crystal Gale - Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue". Wow.. I would have LOVED to have heard that song played. ]

1st request from BoH: Cass McCombs - That's That
2nd request from BoH: Crosby, Stills & Nash - Southern Cross
3rd request from BoH: Neil Young - Unknown Legend

[ Absolutely loved this segment where they talked about.. I think it was being on tour with Pearl Jam & how they were listening to the fans sing the entire first verse of Better Man ENTIRELY on their own with just the guitar playing. Wow. Chills. Amazing. I would have loved to have been there. ]
4th request from BoH: Pearl Jam - Better Man

[ Took a break from the requests for some more chatting I believe here.. & to play another of their tracks off the new album: Infinite Arms. I wonder if that is infinite arms, as in peoples arms, or as in weapons.. I'm thinking the former.. but it popped into my mind when I was writing the Sneak Peek Post & looking for the album images to put up here. ]
Band of Horses - On My Way Back Home

5th request from BoH: Chad Vangaalen - Blood Machine
6th request from BoH: Clipse - Dirty Money (Main Version - Explicit)

[ There was at one song in the middle here that I don't think was part of their segment. I didn't catch what is was.. but I'm pretty sure it was by The Flogging Molly's? ]

7th (last) request from BoH: Ween - Exactly Where I'm At.

[ The world of Twitter can be such a wonderful place.. discovered that there is a Fan Blog for Band of Horses out there maintained, etc by: odetoboh <- 16="" abound..="" account.="" b="" be="" believe="" but="" do="" fans="" first="" his="" i="" it="" last="" listening="" may="" new="" on="" past="" show="" strombo="" sunday="" t="" the="" this="" time="" to="" twitter="" was="" won="">Welcome to the fray odetoboh! Perhaps we'll see you in the chat sometime in the future?

His post on the show is here: Recap of Band of Horses on the Strombo Show. He does a fantastic summary of the interview, etc.. so how about I leave it up to him to share his perspectives.

(And, if you haven't seen the show and the boys don't get it up on The Strombo Show Website anytime soon.. at least you have this blog here.. and that blog there with some details of what went down.. ;). ]

[ Ten o'Clock With Tom (background song): Unknown artist - Good Old World (Gypsy Instrumental) If anyone knows who the artist is for this song.. please comment! Thx. ]

~ Ten O'Clock with Tom: Tom Waits - On The Nickel

[ Some old school tracks.. ]
Pure - Anna ('s A Speed Freak :)
G12 - #5: Guilty About Girls - Candy Candy
[ And one that just sounds old school. See above for the links to their mySpace. I'm hunting for more nifty things to share about this band.
I ♥ them A LOT! Yah.. Vancouver!]

G12 - #4: Shad - Yaa I Get It

Beastie Boys - So What'cha Want
Santogold - Say Aha
The Clash - Police On My Back
Junior Murvin - Police & Themes

~ Rich's Picks:
[ In my personal opinion.. I think Rich's picks are getting even better.. he's settling into a comfy groove now.. ]

Rich's Pick #1: Jimi Hendrix - Belly Button Window
Rich's Pick #2:
[ Missed. ]
Rich's Pick #3: [ Also missed.. think I got distracted listening to Rich & George tell stories..but also was doing something else at the same time that I totally missed the songs. ]

[ Saw a guy on Granville Street Sat night.. playing on the street corner ~Robson-ish.. he was playing guitar & singing.. I swear he was kinda Jimi Hendrix reincarnation-ish.. Huge crowd gathered to hang out & watch/listen to him.. I wonder if George saw him? ]

[ Rich talks with G about getting booked for some jazz & folk fests.. I'll track down if/when he's coming to Vancouver and of course.. the Edmonton, Calgary & Winnipeg folk & jazz fests are awesomely massive! Oh.. it's festival season soon! ]

[ A g/f of mine.. Super's has been booked for the Vancouver Jazz Fest.. I know it's kind of incestous, ..but I'm totally going to promote people I know.. I manage this blog.. I can. Details here soon.. I'm tracking them down. ]

[ Missed Rich's other picks.. but gotta love it when you can go from Hendrix to something thrashy to Fats Waller to something heavy to Deftones to Mastodon to Gord Downie! ]

Fats Waller - Mandy
[ Missed a track or 2 in here.. just 1 I think.. ]
Deftones - Diamond Eyes
Mastodon - Divinations

[ BTW. That Mastodon track was a request by the Cancer Bats.. if I recall correctly. Ummm.. Cancer Bats! ]

G12 - #3 - Gord Downie - The East Wind
G12 - #2: Darwin Deez - D.N.A.
G12 - #1: M.I.A. - Born Free

[ Umm... Really?! Seriously!? M.I.A.'s #1. Hmmm.. ok. Well. Just so you know George. We are all rather confused by this G12 ranking in the chat session & while it "may" (I say may) be G12 material, not a one thinks it's a #1. #justSaying. ]

~ "Album Side": The Velvet Underground & Nico
[ The Velvet Underground & Nico is the debut album by American rock band The Velvet Underground and vocal collaborator Nico. It was originally released in March 1967 by Verve Records. Details from the Wikipedia: The Velvet Underground & Nico. ]

Album Side #1: Nico / The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
Album Side #2: The Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For The Man
Album Side #3: Nico / The Velvet Underground - Femme Fatale
Album Side #4: The Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs
Album Side #5: Nico / The Velvet Underground - Run Run Run
Album Side #6: The Velvet Underground - All Tomorrow's Parties

[ The end.. of the "Album Side" anyway. ]

~ The "Big Lie-Down"

As far I can recall.. we went straight from the "Album Side" into the "Big-Lie Down". Actually.. George went right to the midnight hour this time.. barely squeezing in the last 3 tracks of the show..

Here are the last 2 out of 3 tracks of the evening/show!

Now.. 2 outta 3 Ain't Bad... well.. in most situations that is..
[ According to my horoscope on Sunday: No one will get close to you now -- not unless they've fulfilled three very particular requirements. They've got to be seriously sexy, extremely intense and not for the faint of heart -- because you're not going to go for them if you only get two out of three. LOL. But SO true! ]

From the "Big Lie-Down" segment of the show:

Song #1 (The Big Lie-Down): Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire
Song #2 (The Big Lie-Down):
[ Missed! Again.. if you know.. please comment on the blog below. ]
Song #3 (The Big Lie-Down): The Shivers - Beauty

Oh.. in searching about for links, etc... I came across this post on the CBC Radio 2 Strombo Program Section: Canadian Bands Who Oughta Be On Strombo

There are like 170+ comments.. WOW! I haven't had time to read them all.. but.. seriously.. awesome. Go Canada!


Thanks for your patience all!

Yours in musical awesomeness,
~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective

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