Friday, May 14, 2010

Sneak Peek.. May 16, 2010 - Band of Horses Takeover..

Sneak Peek.. the May 16, 2010: Strombo Show will feature:
Band of Horses Takeover

Yep.. it's up on The Strombo Show Website already.. or the teaser information is...

UPDATE: May 16, 2010; 5:07 PM - PST:
Listening to the Strombo Show on AST during the #Habs game commercial breaks. Not an effective way to do things.. but I'm catching snippets of the Band of Horses interview/chat.. more like a great conversation with friends...

Sounds like a totally amazing show! Can't wait to listen fully later.

Strombo Show Chat on Skype will start at ~7pm PST.. after the #Habs hockey game is over!

Thanks for your understanding and patience today! I don't think we'll have any other conflicts as the next #Habs games are Tues, Thurs & then Sat this week according to my handy CBC HNIC (Hockey Night In Canada) iPhone app!

Don't have the schedule for the following week.. but it'd be likely Mon, Wed, Fri.. if the games go that far.

Ok.. puck drop 2nd period.. checking in later!


UPDATE: May 16, 2010; 6:01 AM - PST:
Strombo Show Chat on Skype will NOT be on at 4pm PST/8pm AST/ 7pm EST.. the hockey game is on! Sorry.. if someone is available to host it instead of me.. who for some reason is not watching hockey.. ping me.. but I may be on after the game.. it all depends on if I'm watching at home or at Lions Pub.. w/the #HabsTweetUp crew from Twitter, etc..

I'm posting now as I just got home from dancing.. and I'll be sleeping soon, not sure when to wake..

Band of Horses do a bit of a takeover on the Strombo Show this coming Sunday (sounds kinda like what MGMT did a few weeks back).

So, I'm betting that there will be an interview & a bunch of songs played.. hopefully they did some live stuff (maybe on The Hour... like Timber Timbre did?!) and we can hear that..

If not, we'll surely hear some tracks off of "Infinite Arms", their newest release, as "Laredo" has been burning up the G12 Countdown for a while now. It was G12 - #3 last week, so I imagine it'll be in the same place or possibly higher (which I'm good with, as honestly.. I'm not really that fond of MIA's track & it needs to be bumped). And I'm guessing we will see some requests as well from the band... always looking forward to that wee bit of awesome & obscure insight into a bands/musicians mind!

And speaking of Timber Timbre & the G12 Countdown ... their live version of "Lay Down In The Tall Grass" that they played on The Hour is spectacular! I'm thinking that that song needs to find it's way into the G12 soon. And hoping to see an interview & takeover from them.. I'm intrigued to find out what they'd have to say.

As well.. George is visiting my fair city.. Vancouver. Right now.
I'm kinda having #heartPalpations as we speak.. lol... (or it could be that I really need to get my thyroid checked out).

I just missed him this afternoon. I was maybe all of about 4-5 blocks away when he posted on Twitter he was @ Japadog.. but I behaved & headed in the direction I was actually intending to head downtown.. which was initially the opposite way, towards Pacific Center and the Apple Store. If I had been heading home right then, I would've gone right past him... into him... ;). Bummer. Oh well.. I'm sure there will be other chance encounters in the next few days/week!

See UPDATES above for current info..
Oh.. I haven't seen a schedule yet for Sunday for the hockey game.. but if there is a Strombo Show AND Habs game time conflict.. the Strombo Show Chat on Skype will be preempted for the hockey game.. or until the game is done, or I get home (if I'm out at The Lions Pub again watching the game)!

If anyone knows or hears before I update the blog.. please post a comment or ping me with details. Thanks muchly. And sorry.. in this case.. #hockey trumps #music ;)

I'm at home.. out till 6am #DancingTillDawn means a nice lazy chill afternoon on my couch to watch the game... not sure I could even walk that far. I made it my local Davie & Denman Starbucks for the last day of Frappicino frenzy and Tim Hortons for a bagel for breakie just before the game..

But hopefully this Thursday, May 20, 2010; 4 pm PST for the game at The Lions Pub (888 West Cordova Street) George? I know you wanna... ;)

I'll let you know if I am at The Lions Pub (888 West Cordova Street).. so you can come hang out with me if you are in Vancouver (hint, hint.. George?!), or you can make other plans to listen, etc..

If there is another person who can moderate the chat for me, I may still set it up, but any new people will HAVE TO CONTACT ME PRIOR as I won't be able to add/monitor Skype from the pub.. on my iPhone.. well.. I might be able to.. but if I'm there & I'm watching that game... I'll be watching the game dammit! I'll have a deadline time once I know the game time, etc.. IF there is a conflict. But damn near everyone in the chat is a hockey fan & a good 1/2 of the chat regulars are Habs fans, so I'm pretty sure they will all be watching the game too!

If we all end up missing the game due to the show.. I will pester someone over there to see if they can get it up on The Strombo Show Website ASAP!

More links & details about Band of Horses, etc to come here as I have moments during the game! tomorrow, or maybe late tonight/wee hours of the morning.. if I get home from my friend's birthday party & have any energy left to write.


Thanks for your patience all, as I get the rest of the bits & pieces & links to go with everything above up here!

Yours in musical awesome-ness,
~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective


  1. Did anyone catch the number 10 song on the G12? right before the Black Keys? Thanks

  2. Fletchesus: It's up on the newest post:

    Thanks for commenting!


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