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George's First Motorcycle Race!


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George raced in his first ever motorcycle race on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 out in Shannonville! (Shannonville Motorsport Park Inc.)


[ Picture Credit: From George's post on his Twitter account @strombo ]

Here are a couple video's from race day. They are video's that are on-board a couple of the bikes in the race.

The embedded one below is the better one for an actual view of George, but this first one/link is the one he mentions on the radio show & it shows the accident quite clearly (& really quickly)!

Shannonville Round 1 Mayhem
You can see George just in front of the camera bike starting from ~2:03 mins/2:05 mins when the bike stops & then you see G who's the guy waving the camera bike by... at ~ 2:15 mins.

The camera bike is very clearly involved in the accident (it looks like he completely rams right into the stalled bike ~3:06 mins). I wasn't able to find out if the camera guy here, or if anyone else was hurt in the accident. I did hear that ~5 bikes/riders were involved in the crash. (Not much else happens in the video after that point tho.. the camera gets left on/forgotten about for quite some time!)

From what he said on the radio show on Sunday, May 9th, 2010... it appears that George is far enough behind the accident that he sees it and can avoid it. It's hard to tell from this video here if he is right beside the camera guy (to the left of the camera), or behind him.

But from viewing the 2 videos, I'd say that G was far enough to the far left of the crash to easily go around it, or far enough back to stop in time. We know he made it out totally fine and went on to finish the race, finishing 2nd last.. so at least not completely last! YAH!

But.. this is a better link here:
The camera guy is right behind G from the stands (~0:50 - 1:03 mins) until camera bike guy gets in line for the practice lap.

You can just sorta read STROMBO on the back of his jacket and see his green Kawasaki clearly. The bike/camera guy goes past him ~1:00 mins.

[ Caption: Bike is almost ready for next weekend's test days at Shannonville. New graphics thanks to @scurry3369 at AutoTrim. ]
[ Picture Credit: From George's post on his Twitter account @strombo ]

This is during the practice lap & we don't see George again in this video as the camera bike is in front of him. (But you do see the "edge of the accident" as the camera bike clips the stalled bike at ~ 4:50-4:52 mins).

Embedded Video (smallest size):
Shannonville Rd.1 Novice 600 Disaster Start

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(Info: )& related videos included.

[ Actual direct link for embedded video above:
Shannonville Rd.1 Novice 600 Disaster Start
( And actual file name/path: ) ]


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