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May 30, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist (& G12 Count Down)

The Strombo Show Playlist
[ Highlights & Excerpts section done. Full Playlist still to come! ] & G12 Count Down [ Complete.. & confirmed! ]:
May 30, 2010

[ UPDATE: June 03, 2010; 2:05am:
The Highlights & Excerpts section is up.. more or less. I haven't edited/reviewed it as well as I normally do, so hopefully there aren't any major glaring mistakes anywhere.

UPDATE: May 31, 2010; 10:06pm:
I managed to screw up and not click the right setting again and lost of bunch of hidden code. Blah. I'm kinda thinking that should be a universal setting for ALL posts. #JustSaying. This may take some time to re-do. Working on a template to make my life easier overall, but these things take time..

So.. the Highlights & Excerpts section may take a bit to complete. Damn.

Ok.. maybe sooner than expected.. I had bad insomnia and did a bit of ~1-2am coding.. just need to clean-up and edit, and make all pretty and such.. and it'll be up.. hopefully later on Tuesday-ish. (Make that Wed-ish, I need sleep!) I DO accept both hugs & kisses as thanks! And money.. but kisses are best ;)

Looks like the G12 Count Down is complete though. Someone sent me the one track I was missing.

And we now have official confirmation from The Strombo Show Website. It was updated on Tuesday morning-ish.. right after a visit was paid to this blog from someone at Hmmmm...?! ;)

Thanks to everyone who has contributed & helped!

Enjoy! ]

NOTE: Yes, I am aware that I didn't do any post(s) from last week.
I did start one, several in fact, but never got any up and no playlist, etc. I'll see if I can remedy that this week, but the one thing I decided in doing this blog, etc.. is that it has to be fun for me, since it is just me doing it.. and I kinda don't get paid to do it... so I just do what I can, when I can!

Actually, I re-arranged my schedule A LOT for the week The Hour was here.. so I didn't have as much time this past week. If you don't like it.. you can offer to help. Or just live with it. So there. ;)

I was able to tag or note *MOST* of the tracks while listening to the show on Sunday, May 30th. I did listen 2 times this time 'round.. surprising as I had a mega headache at the start of things & going in to start hosting the chat session, etc and was not sure I'd last at all.

Also.. since I was hosting the chat session & we had a few new people stop by, I may have missed a few tracks there.. and I was majorly distracted by (and LMAO at) Darby & George's chat (#ThankGodForTheLeftNipple!) which seriously took me off into some tangents today.. (wonderful and awesome.. but still tangents). LOL.

And I was was deeply entranced listening to the great Rob Zombie interview that I think I may have missed some stuff there too. But as I said above, there will be as full/complete list as soon as I can get it up!

Since no one has complained.. and well.. since I'm in charge here...
I'm sticking with the color-coding of all tracks played on the show in:
Blue and Bold!
They sure seem easy to view/find/read on the page with all the other notes. Hope that helps! Feedback welcome!

Any Errors and/or Omissions are as always.. totally my fault!
IF.. you have any corrections or info that I'm missing, please comment (or ping me) & I'll update the blog list!

Commenting here is the best way if you have any suggestions, corrections, or track listing info for the playlist or the blog!
Thanks. Enjoy.

Feedback, comments, notes, etc are ALWAYS welcome!

And please note.. the G12 Count Down is now posted up on
The Strombo Show Website
. Just about mid-week-ish, like I always say! Although.. they haven't numbered the tracks they put up.. but they match what I have here, so I think we're safe.

However, I was told by one of the producer types of the show that they are updating the website/server. That was kinda ages (read weeks) ago, so I'm hoping they can get it up to date soon.. and a month ++'s worth of the show's streaming "web-casts" would be awesome too (hint, hint)..

I'm going to try and continue putting the previous weeks (May 23, 2010 in this case) G12 in-line at the song's last position on the chart (not in a different color, yet) for comparison.. but I'll see if I have that list complete somewhere first, since I'm missing my own post from last week that I usually steal from!

And.. I decided that the list being 1-12 here instead of 12-1 like it is on the show and in the full playlist hurts my head, so I'm changing it to the proper order of things. Hope that's ok with everyone?!

G12 Count Down ~ May 30, 2010
[ My NOTEs in italics ]

G12 - #12: Kings Go Forth - I Don't Love You No More
Last week #12: Love Is All - Bigger Bolder

[ What a lovely and funky start to the show & to the G12 Countdown this week.
Kings Go Forth mySpace:, but the track "I Don't Love You No More" is not up there.. (at least when I last looked).
However, there is also an excellent review over at our friends Album Review - Kings Go Forth - The Outsiders Are Back ]

G12 - #11: Voyager One – 1,000 Miles, 1,000 Deaths
Last week #11: Roky Erickson (feat. Okkervil River) - Goodbye Sweet Dreams

[ Bunch of other songs here.. ]

[ NOTE: BTW... George, Darby.. Yah.. Again. Mega thanks from The Strombo Show Chat Fan Crew for keeping #10 countdown track intro w/The Count! We SO ♥ it. ]

[ George you were pretty hesitant to collect your thank-you hug for this at the show Wed night in Van. I can't imagine you were actually scared of me... I don't bite. Ok.. well.. maybe I do... BUT only if you ask VERY nicely.. and it's fully consensual.. and I don't leave marks where anyone can see them.. as I prefer the same ;) Haha.. Sigh.
I am kidding.. well.. mostly. But we are all very thankful for The Count.. Personally he kinda makes my Sunday night! ]

G12 - #10: Ten Bears - Braces
Last week #10: The National - Lemonworld

[ Bunch of other songs here.. ]

G12 - #9: Band of Horses - Dilly
Last week #9: Kele - Rise Up

G12 - #8: Broken Social Scene - Texaco Bitches
Last week #8: The Flatliners - Carry The Banner

G12 - #7: Zeus – (The) Renegade
Last week #7: Cocorosie - Lemonade

[ I hunted about only a wee bit and couldn't find much for Zeus in a cursory look, but I did find this, so you can at least have a listen if you liked them. Last.FM: Zeus – The Renegade ]

G12 - #6: Gord Downie - The Hard Canadian
Last week #6: Plants & Animals - Tom Cruz

G12 - #5: LCD Soundsystem - Somebody's Calling Me

[ Maybe it's just me.. but I'm not really feeling the whole LCD Soundsystem latest.. ]
Last week #5: NAS & Damian Marley - The Promised Land

G12 - #4: The Chemical Brothers - Swoon
Last week #4: Mike Snow - Billy Holiday

[ Bunch of other songs here.. ]

G12 - #3: Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang (Feat. Q-Tip & MDNR)
[Mark Ronson mySpace: ]
Last week #3: The Hold Steady - The Sweet Part Of The City

G12 - #2: Shad - Rose Garden
Last week #2: M.I.A. - XXXO

G12 - #1: The Black Keys - Everlasting Light
Last week #1: Midnight Masses - Walk On Water

[ Updated! Correct now. I hope.
Thanks to @kelgura on Twitter for identifying "Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang" as the G3 for me. Not sure what I heard, but it was not that.. (I heard Q-tip or something, which seriously could not have even been close) and I listened to the track in his mySpace (listed above) and I don't recall it at all.. so as usual the Final G12 Countdown is pending confirmation from the mother ship.. I mean.. The Strombo Show Website :)

Oh. My. Gods. I was right... I did hear Q-Tip. How seriously weird is that. There's some rap artist, or should I say... "arTisT" dude named Q-Tip. LMAO. Really? Really?! Hmmm... I must investigate. Rap is not my zone.. but this.. this is EFFing funny. ]

[ NOTE: That's the best I've got ATM on the missing tracks. Please comment if you have anything I missed! TIA (That means "Thanks In Advance".. in case you're not on up on your acronyms).

I'll have a chance hopefully sometime in the next few days to have a listen to the missing tracks to get the rest of the correct info up. ]

[ Interesting notes on the G12 Countdown...

I was looking back at old playlists for various reasons.. (actually finding minor mistakes & correcting them.. as I'm particular that way ;) and I noticed a few things...

1. What the hell happened to NAS & Damian Marley's song(s).. they just vanished out of the blue from the count down?

2. Where on earth did this weeks #1 come from? Don't get me wrong.. I like "The Black Keys - Everlasting Light" and all.. but it came in from outta thin air.. as did last weeks.. "Midnight Masses - Walk On Water". Just wondering.

3. Roky Erickson (feat. Okkervil River) - Goodbye Sweet Dreams was #11 back on May something (getting the date later) and then vanished from the countdown.. unless my records are wrong.. then re-appeared. George.. I know you don't do drugs.. but have your sound engineers been hot-boxing you w/out you knowing it or something?

4. There are a whole bunch more G12 anomalies I noticed.. but I have to go look at those old playlists again for comparison.. and it's late (well early morning) and I should try that sleeping thing here. ]

See above in UPDATE section.

But apparently I lost my code again. More sighing. So.. I'll get it up when I can.. since it seems I'll be re-doing a WHOLE bunch of work..

But I'm actually doing a template now & back to coding in Notepad like a good old school coder that I am, so that should remedy any further code "accidents".

I'll get: The Strombo Show Playlist: May 30, 2010 (Highlights & Excerpts) section up as soon as I can!


Ok.. the (Highlights & Excerpts) sections is done!

The Strombo Show Playlist: May 30, 2010 (Highlights & Excerpts)

~ I'm still working on the rest of the FULL playlist/"Embedded" layout like I did before...

But I really liked this section for more of the comments, etc. So I'm keeping it.

I've decided that it will be on-going.. (since it's a nice way to do the list up in 3 different "posts"/updates/phases as well..)
1. Get the G12 up likely Sunday night/Monday morning.
2. Update with: The Strombo Show Playlist: (Highlights & Excerpts) section.
3. Update with: The Strombo Show Playlist Complete w/G12 "Embedded"
Hope you like this format too.. comments are welcome!

[ There are actually a ton more comments, links, etc that I had either in here before when I lost that code or wanted to include, but I also decided to just get up what I had and add it in later if I can.. there is always more to share! ]

We had the following snippets from Sunday..

~ NO Bob Mackowycz this past Sunday. :(
[ We had no Bob segment on the show this week again.
I believe he was away sick or something, so best wishes in getting well and hope to see him back over the next few shows. ]

Metallica - Master of Puppets
[ This is one of the reasons I so ♥ The Strombo Show.. hearing old Metallica on the radio.

It takes me back my teens where I'd stay up late listening to MegaWatt Mayhem on CJSW! (Links to come!) ]

[ A whole big block of G12 Tracks were here.. like 6 in a row. I only mention it because it was a bit odd to have so many grouped together. Just when I think I have George's "system" figured out, he changed it on me. If I didn't know better, I swear he does it to drive me crazy ;) ]
G12 - #9: Band of Horses - Dilly
G12 - #8: Broken Social Scene - Texaco Bitches
G12 - #7: Zeus – (The) Renegade
G12 - #6: Gord Downie - The Hard Canadian
G12 - #5: LCD Soundsystem - Somebody's Calling Me
G12 - #4: The Chemical Brothers - Swoon

David Bowie - The Jean Genie
INXS - Don't Change

[ INXS on The Strombo Show. One word. Awesome! ]
Pavement - Date With IKEA
Nightwatchman - The Road I Must Travel

[ Ten o'Clock With Tom: Was actually more like 9:44pm with Tom.. but who's keeping track ;) ]

~ Ten O'Clock with Tom: Tom Waits - Come On Up To The House

[ And what better time to fit in a little good old real country in than here.. ]
Merle Haggard - More Than My Old Guitar
[ George talks a bit with Rich shortly after this about how he is such a city boy, but how growing up in the country changes your connection and experience of country muisc..

This I know.. this I can relate to very well..having grown up in a very rural setting until just before I was a teenager. However, the "country" music I grew up listening to on a ranch.. that my parents played.. you didn't think of it as country music.. it just was music.. like the Merle Haggard tune here.. it just was.. and I remember it well. ]

Neil Young - Only Love Can Break Your Heart

~ Rich's Picks:
[ Yah for Rich's picks.. #GoodTimes! ]

Rich's Pick #1: Fred McDowell - Bull Dog Blues
[ Ohhhh.. Delta Blues make my night, day, whatever.. so glad to hear them. There are so many amazing artists out there.. and they are still churning out strong from the south. ]
Rich's Pick #2: Marty Robbins - The Master's Call
[ Loving that Marty Robbins keeps getting played here.. Although I do wish I had a record player so I could play my Marty Robbins record. ]
Rich's Pick #3: Marlene Dietrich - Look Me Over Closely
[ There were a few interesting comments made in the chat session on Sunday night..
1. Someone initially thought that it was George playing these songs, not Rich, and made a comment that there might be hope for George yet. Lol. Whatever that means.. but then again, not everyone has such diverse musical tastes. I.e. I like *almost* everything played, but there are few places where I shake my head. But even if I don't "like" it per se, I can deal with it and/or appreciate it.
The 2nd. comment was also something that I saw someone make on one of the FB postings.. is that they were wondering if sometimes Rich is just f*cking with us.. with his song choice(s). I say no. He really is just that diverse, and strange, and awesome. Kinda like George is. Thanks boys. ]

[ I actually accidently tagged the #3 opening song.. it's a real song!
I didn't know this.. cool.. But note.. it's not a part of the actual song listing for the day.. even thought it's in blue.. ]

Bob Dorough - Three Is The Magic Number

[ The G12 Tracks in the middle of things.. ]
G12 - #3 - Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang (Feat. Q-Tip & MDNR)
G12 - #2: Shad - Rose Garden
G12 - #1: The Black Keys - Everlasting Light

~ Rob Zombie Inteview:
(& Takeover.. sorta? Well, not really.. but there were a few requests played)

[ BTW... there are those 2 "posts" up on
The Strombo Show Website
(or was it on the FB page.. I'll have to double-check later) but for sure over at CBC Radio 2 Strombo Program Section:
Your Strombo Take Over Playlist? (by Li Robbins).

Check them out.. make a comment, etc.. Like I said.. I think there is also a place on the Strombo FB page (link to come) as well to make comments.

Personally.. I'm finding it a bit too much.. too many places for such things. Just pick one.. or get your website updated already George to handle such things, in one central place! But.. that's just my opinion.. ]

[ George started off playing a few tracks from Rob Zombie to get us in the mood... ]

1st Song: Rob Zombie - Mars Needs Women
2nd Song: Rob Zombie - Sick Bubblegum
3rd Song: Rob Zombie - Thunderkiss 65

[ Sadly... George did not play my favorite Rob Zombie song.
Oh wait.. how could he know.. Actually.. he could as I'm quite sure I've emailed a litany of requests some time ago including this one.
In case he missed any of those emails.. I'll say it here. "Dragula" would be nice sometime, or any of the other requests I've made.. :) ]

Rob Zombie picks - #1: The Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man
Rob Zombie picks - #2: Elvis Presley - Burning Love

[ Gotta love that you can hear Elvis on The Strombo Show.. and not just any Elvis.. deep burning love Elvis.. ]

Slipknot - Spit It Out
[ George played a song from Slipknot (for Slipknot?), with their sad, sad recent loss. ]

~ "Album Side": The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street

[ Last song on side 3 first.. ]
The Rolling Stones - Let It Loose

[ Then Side 4. ]
Album Side #1: The Rolling Stones - All Down The Line
Album Side #2: The Rolling Stones - Stop Breaking Down
(Robert Johnson)
Album Side #3: The Rolling Stones - Shine A Light
Album Side #4: The Rolling Stones - Soul Survivor

[ The end.. of the "Album Side". ]

~ The "Big Lie-Down"

[ As far I can recall.. we went straight from the "Album Side" into the "Big-Lie Down".

Actually.. George went right to the midnight hour AGAIN this time.. barely squeezing in the last 3-5 tracks of the show.

From the "Big Lie-Down" segment of the show:

[ Intro/Background Music (taking us to the collective horizontal) ]

Spiritualized - I Didn't Mean To Hurt You

[ And Spiritualized was sorta part of The Big Lie-Down. I think.
It was hard to tell since the Pink Floyd (intro) music played again here. ]

Song #1 (The Big Lie-Down): Mogwai - R U Still In 2 It
[ I would LOVE to hear the interview George was talking about with regards to Mogwai. ]

Song #2 (The Big Lie-Down): Billie Holiday - God Bless The Child
[ Oh.. Billie Holiday.. not my favorite song by her.. but hearing her just makes my heart open up a little bit more every time! So Beautiful. ]
Song #3 (The Big Lie-Down): Metric - Love Is A Place
Song #4 (The Big Lie-Down): Thursday - i1100


[ That's all for now.. lots more to come to finish filling the final playlist out. Hopefully I can get it done before the end of the week! ]

Thanks for your patience all!

Yours in musical awesome-ness,

~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective


  1. Why do you bother doing all this ?

  2. The question I would ask in return.. is why not? Whomever you are.. (oops.. I thought I turned off "Anonymous" posting, as I think it's rather cowardly..) I would say that I do this b/c I love music and the Strombo Show is an extension, a manifestation of that passion. Why do you ask?


As it turns out, I can't turn off the "Anonymous Users" part of the commenting form w/out also losing other formating I like, so I'll have to live with it. However, I do hope that those that comment here will make an effort to at least use a name of some sort. Or if you have a blog or website you can include it under the "Name/URL" option.

I do welcome all comments regardless and while you are not obliged to leave anything more than the comment, this blog is about engaging and sharing so I hope you will do the same.

Best regards,
Yours in musical awesome-ness!

~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective