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The Strombo Show Chat Blog's First Contest! Yah! [ Contest to get a Ticket to come to The Hour May 19, 2010 with ME! ]


The Strombo Show Chat Blog's Having Our FIRST Contest!

Contest to get a Ticket to come to a taping of The Hour with ME! (and George will be there.. of course..)

[ Caption: Top of Grouse Mountain...looking for Bears ]
[ Picture Credit: From George's publicist Lexi on her Twitter account @lexipatha
Gosh he is looking rather hot there. #Swoon! ]

No guarantees on meeting George tho.. there are A LOT of crazed girls in Vancouver with serious high school crushes on this man (myself included.. but I digress.. ;)

I'm sad, but also kind of excited, as I just found out I have spare ticket (under my name) to the taping of The Hour here in Vancouver tomorrow, Wednesday, May 19, 2010.

My good friend (and also AWEsome local TV personality) Steve Dotto (you may recall his super show Dotto Tech) is unable to make it since he is out of town at a speaking gig (very sad)... He left this morning. SO.. he won't be able to come with me and that means I just found out I have this extra tix.

What to do.. What to do... well.. I could be a good girl & email Jeff; The Hour Audience Coordinator dude (SUCH a sweetheart :) & give my ticket back.. BUT no.. that's crazy stuff... Plus.. it's late in Toronto now & he's probably gone home.. so I'm making my own rules up instead!

So..what I am going to do is give this ticket away to one lucky
The Strombo Show
and The Hour FAN..

This is what you have to do to win (full details below):

I want you to comment on this lovely fan blog for The Strombo Show (technically the 1st post is here: Welcome to the Strombo Show Chat Blog!) and/or RT the post given below on Twitter (to promote the contest) to get a chance to enter into the draw for that lonely & seriously exceptionally rare ticket (I heard the waitlist was/is 1000+).

Some pics below (at the end) from some Twitter folk about how busy it was there for today's Tuesday, May 18th, 2010's taping (like right now)!


Rules are simple.. sorta:
1. You have to be in Vancouver..
(kinda obvious since the taping is here.. but have to say it)!

2. You have to be available for the Wednesday, May 19, 2010 (tomorrow) taping of The Hour.

Deets: Audience arrival time is 5:30-6:00 p.m.
ROFLMAO. Ummm... People showed up much earlier than that to line up today. I'm gonna be there like 3:30-4pm-ish.. even tho I know I have tickets & I'm pretty sure I've been VIP'd.. Quite likely anyway. Hell.. I better be! If you show up later.. there is NO guarantee that this lovely ticket can be held for you. #justSaying.

3. You have be cool. This goes w/out saying. But I'm saying it :)
[ I.e. Hands off the G man.. that boy is mine! Oh wait.. that isn't really a rule.. more like a pirate guideline.. You know.. etiquette towards the person who got you the ticket.. (as in I get 1st dibs... IF there is such a thing w/that boy).. that is all I'm saying here ;). ]

UPDATE: May 19, 2010; 1:21am
4. Changing the Contest Entry Cut-off to 8:38am
(which gives it 12 hrs then.. which is A LOT fairer than like ~5-6ish) and.. I'm baking cookies & going to bed shortly here, so I'll deal in the AM. Actually tired for a change. #TooMuchExcitement!
4. Contest Entry Cut-off is 2:22am (b/c I'm a night owl..)

I'll figure out some random way to determine who has won & contact you. If you are on Twitter.. make sure to include your Twitter tag/handle.. and be sure to include a contact email either way.

I'll email the winner hopefully sometime ~9am-ish
I'll email the winner hopefully sometime before ~3am, or in the morning as I'm mostly unavailable tomorrow & then off to the taping as early as I can get there!

I'll be checking in via Twitter & email, when I find wifi on my journeys around town tomorrow. Though if the winner needs to reach me: StromboShowChat(AT @)gmail(DOT .)com
(I just set it up, as Dammit. I needed a dedicated Strombo Show Chat email address already)!



One (1) entry:
RT (Re-tweet/Re-post the following on Twitter. Just as it is below. Cut & Paste baby!:

#TheStromboShowChatBlog's having our 1st contest! @jazzdolphin has an extra tix #TheHour w/ @strombo May 19, 2010 Details http://ht.ly/1MTkg

One (1) entry: [ Why do I hear The Count in my head when I type that? LOL. ] Comment on this blog posting here.
[ NOTE: Comments are moderated. Obviously. ]


But we're not talking a cheesy... "Oh.. pick me, I wanna win" kinda post.

Let's get REAL people.
We are talking serious give < ::constructive:: /> feedback on the blog kinda post!

You can offer feedback on the blogs layout, it's posts, etc. Provide insight. Offer tips and/or suggestions. Contribute it's further awesome-ness & growth in a helpful and honest way!

See.. we ALL win here!

Some examples:
I've been looking at doing some polls on The Strombo Show (Fan) Chat Blog.

1. Make a topic suggestion for the new poll(s), or a few.

2. Give feedback on the layout of the blog:
I.e.: I've been playing with layouts for the posts of the playlists on the blog and have been posting those more regularly than anything else since The Strombo Show Website is a bit behind. (Granted, they are out here this week & they've been working on server upgrades to handle hosting the MASSIVE bandwidth for the streaming "web-casts" of the radio show).

[ I heard from a little bird on Twitter today named Darby.. haha.. that this past Sunday, May 16th's webcast should be up streaming tomorrow sometime! Here's hoping! Fingers crossed. ]

Here are a few of the past playlists up to refer to for examples/ideas.. (this past week's full listing *may* be up tonight, but I think I'm baking cookies for the show tomorrow instead, so later in the week)!

May 16, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist (& G12 Count Down):

May 09, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist (& G12 Count Down):

May 02, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist (& G12 Count Down):

April 11, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist (& G12 Count Down):

March 14, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist (& G12 Count Down) [Repeated April 25, 2010]:

And older ones. I have ~15-20 older playlists I'm working on eventually getting up.. so this feedback is really critical so I can have a consistent layout/template/format that is most useful, appreciated, easy to read, etc when I start posting ALL these older ones eventually.. over time..!

The Strombo Show Playlist: November 8, 2009:

3. And if the playlists don't grab you.. come up with something else that's cool.
I.e.: I'm working FAQs for the Skype chat.
Info here: How to Sign-up: Strombo Show Chat on Skype

4. OR come up with topics for the discussion:
Discussion Topics for The Strombo Show Chat(s):

5. Other:
And I was doing chat summaries from The Strombo Show (Fan) Chat on Skype, but I got behind on that doing the playlists.. if that interests you.. say why, etc..
Strombo Show Chat Summary ~ April 25, 2010 *Repeat of March 14, 2010 show* (incomplete):
(Last one I had time to do..)

Strombo Show Chat Summary ~ March 28, 2010:

That's lots of examples.. if there is something else cool you want to suggest or comment on .. do it!

Keep it clean. Keep it constructive.

PS: You don't really have to hang with me & my 2 other awesome friends coming.. it's all cool.

Just hoping to make someone's day with this contest idea.. and get some great feedback on the blog, etc...

And come play with us in The Strombo Show (Fan) Chat on Skype on Sunday's...if you dare.
Info here: How to Sign-up: Strombo Show Chat on Skype

PICS of today's taping (that I "raped" from Twitter). If you don't want your pic up, please contact me & I'll remove it no problemo! Thanks.

[ Caption: Check Out The Crowd Waiting For Strombo ]
[ Picture Credit: From @mylittlebiglife ]

[ Caption: The Audience Waiting To Get Into The Studio ]
[ Picture Credit: From @susangittins ]

[ Caption: The Hour Audience Waiting For Strombo ]
[ Picture Credit: From @Miss604 ]

[ Caption: From Inside The Studio ]
[ Picture Credit: From @themarina ]

[ Caption: How Close I Am At Set Of The Hour ]
[ Picture Credit: From @yulst ]

[ Caption: Strombo Live At CBC ]
[ Picture Credit: From @coryashworth ]

OH MY WORD. This last picture.. Oy. Thanks Cory for this one & to Marianne, Susan, Rebecca, Marina, Yuliya, and many others for the sneak peeks & pictures.

Please do let me know if you don't want them up here.. I did first & asked permission 2nd due to time constraints.

I SO can't freaking wait until tomorrow. I may not sleep!

Yours in musical awesome-ness,
All across this glorious nation!
(Sigh. Thanks to George... I have that in my head ALL the time now ;)


(And other long-time fans of The Strombo Show).

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