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May 02, 2010: The Strombo Show Playlist (& G12 Count Down)

The Strombo Show Playlist (Partial) & G12 Count Down:
May 02, 2010

I was able to tag some of the tracks while listening to the show 2x on Sunday, May 2nd.

But since I was hosting the chat session as well, I missed tagging a few as I was distracted & also a number don't render themselves to be "Shazam'd", as they are too new. Which, in a way is good.. as we listen to the Strombo Show for new music!

I'll put up the full/complete list as soon as I can, or get one.

Any Errors and/or Omissions are totally my fault!
IF.. you have any corrections or info that I'm missing, please comment or ping me & I'll update the blog list!
Thanks. Enjoy.

The partial playlist is below after the G12 Count Down, which is complete as it was taken from
The Strombo Show Website:

G12 Count Down

[ My NOTEs in italics ]

#1 Band Of Horses - Laredo
Band Of Horses – "Laredo" Free Download at ]

#2 Damian Marley & NAS - As We Enter

[ I haven't been able to embed it here for some reason.. working on that.. but here's The Official YouTube Video for:
Damian Marley and NAS - As We Enter.

(Personally.. I like the song w/out the video, but it really makes me want to spin fire in a massive way.. that's some dirty, sexy, hot, nasty, awesome music! };> ) ]

#3 Gord Downie - The East Wind
#4 Circle Research - Rock Creek Park

#5 M.I.A. - Born Free
[ NOTE: I've included the link for the new "M.I.A. - Born Free" video below... if you can watch it!

The video is highly NSFW (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) & should come with a fairly strong content *WARNING* as it would be considered extremely violent.

I believe this is MIA's Website?! Not sure as the video starts playing in full screen as soon as the page loads & then loops in right away again. NOT ideal (kinda bad website etiquette actually), but you should be able to scroll down & pause it if you need to before anything nasty comes up.

This is the Official MIA Bornfree Video:
I think there are other versions floating around out there. I didn't hunt them all down. ]

#6 Crystal Castles - Celestica
#7 Morning Benders - Excuses

[ The Morning Benders made a: video for "Promises", (located on the Stereogum's website).
"Promises" was a former Morning Benders song on the G12 Count Down which was bumped off by the new one here.
And I'm searching for a free download link I thought I had for "Excuses"... if you know of it. Let me know! ]

#8 Dead Weather - Gasoline
#9 Darwin Deez - D.N.A.
#10 Yeasayer - O.N.E.
#11 Regina Spektor - No Surprises
#12 Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed


The Strombo Show Playlist (Partial): May 02, 2010

[ As always.. check The Strombo Show Website (and the Strombo Show Facebook Group page for updates, etc.) ]

[ Start of the G12 Count Down.
And I believe the start of the show...]

G12 - #12: Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed
G12 - #11: Regina Spektor - No Surprises

[ Not sure if there were other songs in here.. the 1st one I had tagged was "Yeasayer - O.N.E", I'm fairly sure all three were played in sequence.. (but don't quote me on it)!]

G12 - #10: Yeasayer - O.N.E.

OK Go - A Good Idea At The Time
Monsters Of Folk - Ahead Of The Curve

G12 - #7: Morning Benders - Excuses

[ Sad-off with Bob Mackowycz, Jr:
I missed the first song, but the 2nd is listed below. ]

Sad-off Pick #1: ...
Sad-off Pick #2: Avett Brothers - I And Love And You

Janelle Monae (feat. Big Boi) - Tightrope

[ Rich Terfry was away this week, but his wife Emily (whose previous picks were VERY well rec'd) was here to share 3 of her selections with us.

She started off with a song that was her & Rich's wedding song:
"I Only Have Eyes For You by The Flamingos". Lovely.
Just like she seems! We like Emily's song's... she's cool. ]

Emily Pick #1: The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You
Emily Pick #2: Serge Gainsbourg - Chanson Du Forcat (Initials B.b.; Vol 4: 1966-1967-1968)
Emily Pick #3: At The Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul

[ I think this was playing in the background while George was talking.. I happened to tag it out of curiosity: "Instrumental Montage (The Tango; Circus Girl) - Unknown Artist" ]

[ 10 O'clock with Tom Waits: ]
Tom Waits - Jesus Gonna Be Here

Dead Boys - Ain't It Fun

[ Fan request for the Pumpkins.. ]
The Smashing Pumpkins - Drown

[ Not sure if there were other songs in here.. might be as I'm missing a bunch from the G12 Count Down in this list.. I just don't know where they fit in here.. ]

[ NOTE: MGMT Segment of the show:
Includes George interviewing them a bit, some tracks from MGMT's new release & they also take over for a bit & make some requests..
Wow. Eclectic is all I gotta say!]

[ The tracks from MGMT's new release: ]
MGMT - Electric Feel
MGMT - Flash Delirium
MGMT - It's Working
MGMT - The Youth

[ MGMT's requests (I think these are all of them..): ]
Towns Van Zandt - Be Here To Love Me
Metal Boys - Be Bop Dee Zee Bop
Judee Sill - Crayon Angels
Helios Creed - Showdown

[ NOTE: I'm not sure where their request segment ended..
Here.. I "think".. ]

U2 - Until The End Of The World

G12 - #2: Damian Marley & NAS - As We Enter
G12 - #1: Band Of Horses - Laredo

[ End of the G12 Count Down ]

[ NOTE: The Album Side:
It was a unique one tonight.
A compilation put together by David Byrne & Fatboy Slim featuring ~22 other artists & it was an Imelda Marcos Tribute Album! Interesting.

It's titled "Here Lies Love" and here is the Wikipedia information for it:
Based on the track listing... we heard Side 1. ]

David Byrne & Fatboy Slim (Feat. Florence Welch) - Here Lies Love
St. Vincent (Feat. Candie Payne) - Every Drop Of Rain
Tori Amos - You'll Be Taken Care of
Martha Wainwright - The Rose Of Tacloban

[ I think the "Big-Lie Down" started here approx. here: ]

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang - Merciless And Great
Jeff Buckley - Lost Highway

[ End of the partial Playlist (as I know it..) ]

Also to come.. probably about 1x/week/~2 weeks (depending on my time commitments), I'll post one of the old Strombo Show playlists I have going back to ~May last year.. 2009 (or earlier if I can find them). So hopefully one old & one new playlist will make it up here on a semi-weekly, if not monthly basis.. (as I also have chat summaries to get up still. Eek).

Check the archives for those older playlists, as I will "post-date" them to the day after the original show "airing" date.

Thanks for your patience all.

As George says "#RecordsForRecordLovers!"

Yours in musical awesome-ness,
~(now former) StromboShowChat Collective

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