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The Strombo Show Chat Blog's Contest Outcome

The Strombo Show Chat Blog's Contest Outcome


UPDATE: May 20, 2010; 2:32pm:

~ Ok.. well.. just a mini-update. My best-est buds Evi & Mark & I went to The Shark Club after the show to see Billy The Kid perform & get some food -> Food ok, was starved tho.. Billy The Kid was good.. but paid $6 cover to hear the SAME 3 songs she performed earlier at The Hour. REALLY!? Kinda lame. Shark Club's not really my scene overall... maybe when there's hockey on.. and no cover.. and not on a rainy Wed night.. ok.. I'm reaching here.

Then.. went "clubbing" on Granville Street after The Shark Club.
First time EVER (in ~4yrs this fall in Vancouver) in a bar/club Granville, possibly my last.. although kinda entertaining in a twisted sort of way. We went to Tonic as Evi know's one of the DJ's & door staff.. so NO COVER! SO not my scene either.. but very, Very, VERY funny. Got some SUPER laughs in at boys 10+ yrs my junior thinking they actually had a chance.. ROFLMAO!

My "lil sis" Evi & I literally had a dance floor of guys at our feet.. I mean literally.. granted her & I were up on a dance riser.. but a crowd of hot young men worshiping at your feet whilst dancing isn't the worst way to end an evening.. IF only they could figure out.. #IamDancingForMyselfNOTforYou!! Honestly.

If we had put notches on the wall.. let's just say we stopped counting at ~37.. it was just too much. And the guy who stood at my feet & yelled "Go, Go, Go.." "Yeah Baby Go.." for like 10+ mins... I have NO words for how funny it was. I just about fell off the riser I was laughing SO hard. As I said to Evi.. not sure what he hoped it would achieve by yelling that at me while I was dancing.. #GoodTimes!

So glad I don't drink, etc.. but a few of the guys thought my Fisherman's Friends I kept taking to deal with dance floor fog/smoke was "something else". Gosh.. such fun to mess with young minds.. LOL. I should behave.. shouldn't I? Nah.

BUT.. you all want to hear about The Hour taping & George, etc.. I'm actually still processing it all in my head. Lots of great things to tell.. and SUPER embarrassing things.. like the contest to spell George's last name.. Stroumboulopoulos backwards..

I type the freaking thing SO often.. I had it, but was picturing it in my mind in "chunks" the same way I spell it foward, then reverse.. so what is the first letter out of my mouth but "L" as I was seeing LOS in my head.. (How I see it.. when I think/see/read it forwards anyways: Stroum--boul--(l)op--(p)oul--(l)os..) So backwards..
(I totally typed "L-OS" again first.. just so you know..)
S-O-L-U-O-P-O-L-U-O-B-M-U-O-R-T-S. I did it THIS time w/out looking.

Sigh. So much for winning swag.

Duncan (Twitter link to come later).. the audience/floor manager.. totally razzed me after. I'm such an idiot. I had that. (Think I was getting rather hypoglycemic by that point)... and we still had 1+ hr wait after the show to chat with George.. little did we know.

OH YAH... The Contest.. LOL.
Meeting our contest winner Rae was rad. We all had a blast.. we even figured out we "know" some of the same people.

We had a wicked time hanging out in line, trading stories, eating cookies.. (I brought some to send back to Toronto for Darby - producer of The Strombo Show, Jeff - The Hour Audience guy, & Nicole the website goddess over at The Hour.. and Lexi.. G's publicist who made sure I got tix in the first place. Oh.. yah.. AND some for George too ;) watching the taping, etc..

LAUGHing our asses off during the taping of Sedins.. if you hear muffled laughter/gasping in the audience after Henrik said "We like to play with each other.. " that's Evi & I trying to not LaughOutLOUD.. tears streaming down our faces.. my hand was actually over my mouth, face stuffed in my lap, sucking air in, desperately thinking in my mind.. "It's live, don't laugh, it's live, don't laugh, they'll hear you.. IT'S LIVE, DON'T LAUGH!!!

Other cool stuff.. the staff at @CBCVancouver were BEYOND awesome. Shout-outs to Leo & Tiffany (I think I have that right.. we think we "may" have gone to SFU doing Kinesiology together.. SMALL world)! And Duncan.. we had a good laugh at my idiotic spelling attempt after & turns out he's in the West End not far from me.. invites to Strombo Show Listening Party(s) all around! And John the "security" guy.. such a big hug-gable bear! LOL.

And of course.. the lovely Lexi.. we had a great chat & she is such a doll for making sure we got some time to chat with George (you missed out Rae). We were having a wee dance party in the corner of the meet & greet studio.. while we were waiting.. we were bored.. there was music.. so we were DANCING.. of course. That's just how we roll.

Got a poster... yes there is a signed (sigh) poster of George on my bedroom wall NOW.. (pics later..) AND a water bottle signed.
But forgot.. YES.. TOTALLY FREAKING FORGOT forgot to get ANY pictures with him.. duh.

Anyway.. more laters. I'm still sleep deprived & must do something productive with my day now!

AND.. Going to watch the Habs at the #HabsTweetup at the Lion's Pub.. 888 West Cordova St.

See you there.. maybe? Hope so.. I'll have more cookies!
Game Time: 4pm!



Just a super quick update here as I'm flying around trying to get stuff done so my afternoon is clear for The Hour & George!

OMG. I can't wait.. I'm coming outta my skin.

So.. we have a contest winner: Rae is the lucky person coming with me on my guest list along with my best buds Evi & Mark to the taping of The Hour tonight!

Congrats Rae!

More details later.. or I'll update this post with info on how the taping, etc went.


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  1. Congrats at winning the ticket Rae. I wished I lived in Van to have entered. Have lots of fun with Dolphin, she is awesome!! ;)


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